Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Cuz

So my Cousin Robin has been dragging out the family pictures. I have the same ones but alas they are still waiting for me to go through and sort out. I brought them home from SD but I have been so busy that I just haven't been able to even think of sorting pics let alone breath for myself lately. And you know I'm still waiting for the 26th to come so I can go see the gastric specialist and try to see what they plan on doing so I'm not sick any more.

So let me tell you about the pictures she has put on her blog. The first one(that is of us) is Mr Gab, our oldest son when he was about oh I think 9 months old, and myself. Check out my long hair. Everyone used to think our oldest son was a girl because of his curly hair.

The second picture is all of us taken in about 1979. Mr Gab had to get glasses for the first time in years and for some reason choose the thick frame ones. I later talked him into getting wire rims. Then even later I talked him into getting contacts. He wore those for many years until he started having problems again and went back to wire rims. He would like to get laser surgery done but cost factor is holding us back right now.

Do you remember that I told you my oldest son and my youngest son was born the same day four years apart? Their birthday is coming very soon. Oldest son is the one causeing us grief with the SS and his dad's name He will be 33. He has used in the past and may be again for all we know. We actaully haven't heard from him since my birthday this year. Youngest son will be 29. Daughter is in middle is 30. I'm debating adding those pics from my cuz's blog to my own with some updated pics. Like mine ya know then and now.
So there ya have it I hope you are enjoying all the pics. Someday I too will get through some and post them.

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Thanks Gab.