Sunday, October 21, 2007


kids go back to school tomorrow! as much as I'm glad for them because they were getting bored, I'm going to miss them. They have been a big help. Oh well, its good for them and will be for me too. I get them all summer long now its time for them to learn. Mr Gab works a double shift today which goes until 6 am tomorrow. Then he gets home sleeps and gets up about 12:30pm and goes to work again on a second double shift. He then will get Tuesday through Friday off. Friday he requested off as that's my Doctors appointment with the gastric specialist.
I went to see my dad again today. I know that as he gets older that soon it wont be much longer that he will be around so I try to spend some time with him when I can. I also reminded him of my upcoming Doctor's appointment. He rambled alot about South Dakota. He misses it, but as for going back he just says no that's to far for me to travel. Then we talked about a road we used to travel to go to work each day when I used to live at home and I told him about all the changes. He said he hadn't been down that road in years and I said he wouldn't recognise the place. He said yeah progress. and we laughed. I really looked at dad today and realised that he is shrinking. He is truly what they call skin and bones. If you didn't know better you'd think he had an eating disorder. And he used to be at least 5feet 5inches tall and I swear he is like only 5feet 1inch tall. I all of a sudden seem to be taller than him. It makes me sad to know that soon both of my parents will be gone. The worst part is this just makes me right up there in the chain of life ending. Although dad is 88 and his brother is 98 and dad's mom died at 88 and so did dad's brother H. My mom has relatives who have also made it into the 80's so I'm hoping that I still have a while left. Even though mom wasn't so luck to make it that far. So there ya have it. Another day gone by. Hope you had a good one.

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