Saturday, October 20, 2007


Technology is fun and suppose to make our lives easier. SO when my cell phone rang last night I was already for a good chat with whom ever was on the other end. I grab my phone flip it open hit a button and said hi only to get silence. So I look at it and what do I see? Nothing! It's dead dead dead. And why am I mad? Because I just charged the battery up yesterday morning. I didn't use my phone for talking much yesterday, I did however text a lot of messages. But honestly should the battery go dead that fast? NO! Not in my opinion at least.
So I apologize to my cuz (I found out today that's who called last) because I did want to talk to you. But the battery went dead and I had gone to bed early last night. Mr Gab had a trucking job to do this morning. He needed to sleep until midnight get up shower and dress then go. He took a load down to Iowa City. Something he hasn't done in awhile. So it was interesting. He went and actually made it back in time to......shower, put on his work clothes and ....go to work! He will only work the 2pm to 10pm shift today so he will be home tonight. Something the cats won't like very well...(when he works the overnight shifts they take his side of the bed and they don't like to share very well).
So there ya have it. My saturday!


robinslife said...

Just call back?

Went to Jerry's today Took care of business with him.

I will try once more to give you a call.



Walker said...

Sounds like its time for a new battery.
I have gone through a few over the last few years.

Lady Roxanne said...

Yeah phones have a habit of doing what they want to..

I am an expert in them if you want some extra help at them honey!

did you try taking out the battery and putting it back in? Sometimes thats just a small reset and it helps.. You may need to order a new battery.. Hit me up and I will be able to tell you more according to the age and model of your phone.. I could even hook you up with a new one.