Thursday, October 04, 2007

What a shock

Well, so far my blog hasn't been found. Gremlins seem to be at work. A few of my blogger friends have tried themself to find my missing blog but not much luck. So with all that I'm going to use this as my home blog. Im going to rename it Gab. I will still talk about my grandkids here but it will be my bitchin blog also. If I can find my link to the guest book I hope you all sign it again. I dont have a Doctors appointment until the 26th of the month so I gotta suffer awhile longer. I guess thats all the news for now. Hope you all can find me here.

1 comment:

robinslife said...

Hey girl,

Just one day and I missed you, thanks for responding quickly- your blog was up this AM before I left work at 8 am, and then checked your blog at around noonish and it was gone. It was still there before 8 this morning.

Thanks for your quick email,

Love you dear.