Saturday, October 20, 2007

Its Saturday

S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. When I was a kid in school Saturday was the best day of the week. it was the first day of the weekend which meant no school. In the summer time it meant dad and I got up around 4:30 am and headed to South Dakota to see grandma and uncle H. Oh how I loved my uncle H. In fact I was going through some pictures yesterday and came apond some of uncle H. OMG and I found one that was of me and my older sister L(J) and brother R. I love that pic. That was during the time none of us were called by our real names we all had nicknames. My sister was Beanie ,my brother was Butchie and I was Bitsey. In fact all of us kids had a nickname that started with a B except my baby sister C. they called her peanut. She was really small when she was born and had to stay extra days in the hospital to gain some weight before they would let her go home. Even when she weighed the desired 6 lbs to go home she still was little. In fact my dad told my mom that they should send her back because she was still so small. And when I named her, dad said her name was bigger than her.
As for the photo hunt this week I have nothing. I searched and searched but came up with nothing. SO instead I decided to ramble, to share some memories of saturday as a kid. Have a great weekend


Lady Roxanne said...

ahhh saturdays..

now its just another day to party.


Baba's Blog said...

Good morning Gab, I enjoyed reading your story even without a picture.I was born two months early and grew up fast on mom's breast milk....Thanks for your visit and come again. Baba

SIMPLY ME said...

saturday's are my favortie too. As a child it was for fun and play time, hmmmmm it's still the same now with Tony, LOL.