Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Friday is the day:

That my sister-in-law is retiring from the navy. We were going to go to Fl for her retirement party but Friday is the day they scheduled me for the gastric specialist. Because I feel its more important for me to get well, we will forgo the trip to Fl.
It's an important day for her that's for sure but honestly I want to be able to eat without getting sick.
Today I went out to see my dad again. Mr gab and I stopped at McDonald's for lunch. I got a Big Mac to start with and Mr Gab got a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Well I said I don't know why I ordered a Big Mac because I don't even like them. Mr Gab said he would trade with me. Well I got oh I'd say about 4 bites(and not big ones either) and I handed the rest over to Mr Gab and said eat it. I was already feeling sick and unable to even try to finish it.
He said I don't know why I buy you anything because you never eat it. I said yeah I know and I'm hoping that they can fix me and soon I can eat again. One thing that bothers me is that with all of this going on you'd think I'd drop 20 plus pounds when in fact I've gained 10!!!
OUCH, like I needed more weight.
I've been using my cane more and more now as my back seems to really resent me trying to walk more than 500 feet. The Doctor says back surgery will probably fix that but he still only gives me 50 50 chance. I'd like more of an 75 or higher.
So getting back to my sister-in-law:
Sorry we can't be there but we send you our love.


robinslife said...

Hope all goes well for your tests on Friday. Congrats to your sister inlaw also..

Give me a call on Sat if you can.

your cuz Robin

Little Wing said...

Gab, good luck on the tests.
I salute your sister in law!
Please go read my blog post, it will explain what I have been doing.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Yes Gab, It is more important to take care of yourself today and enjoy life afterwards....Good luck with your tests and my blessings to you and your family... Baba

Anonymous said...

gab I hope you can feel better.
I'm a bit worried about back surgery I've heard alot of people who have regretted it, especially if you're only getting a 50/50 chance of relief.
If your insurance will cover it, get a respectable good chiropractor instead.