Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Yesterday was our oldest son's and youngest son's birthday. One turned 33 the other 29. We haven't heard from out oldest son since my birthday(July 4th)so we were not able to wish him a happy birthday. But our youngest son and his family came down and we all went out to dinner at a Chinese Buffet. I of course couldn't eat much. That appointment isn't until the 26th. But I did go to the doctors yesterday morning. I went for a follow up on the rheumatoid arthritis. He changed my medicine again. And renewed my handicapped sticker for another 3 years. I was hoping he'd just make it permanent, so that I could get it over and done with rather than renewing every 3 years. But he's still insisting that I can do back surgery. I'm just not up to that yet. Heck I'm not up to one for my hernia but I will do that if it means I wont be sick any more. (after all I'd like to be able to eat without being sick). Mr Gab too has been sick. He is a very stubborn man, even though he's sick and should be resting he still goes to work. He has to be careful though cause he can get pheumonia real easy. The last time he had it was bad and the doc said don't get it again or you'll be in the hospital. He really needs to take care of himself better. Well I gotta stop here as I can barely see. I really didnt get a good night sleep last night but I gotta get up and care for the kids. Oh Yeah which reminds me.....the kids are outta school for the rest of this week! So I will have help with the baby. and I can sneak in a nap!Mr gab is off until friday! YIPEE


Anonymous said...

Another year gone by. Man where does it all go? I do not feel 30 thats for sure. Im sure that my bros feel the same.

robinslife said...

Happy Birthday to the Boys from

Love your cuz

Robin and Todd.

Walker said...

Happy Birthday to your sons, one day you can explain how you managed to have them born on the same day.

We all have to learn to take care of ourselves more better as we get older.

barman said...

Would you guys just feel better. I think it is time some good luck or good fortune came your way. Happy birthday to your sons.