Monday, October 29, 2007


Grandkids are going crazy with carving out their pumpkins which at a later time I will post like either tomorrow or Weds.
But I was flipping through some pages on the web and found this guy talking about using power tools to carve his pumpkins. He then talked about his web site Extreme Pumpkins
So I visited it and as you can guess holy cow there were a lot of interesting pumpkins. My cuz Robin has one posted on her site which by the way is very cute.
So If your into pumpkins and what they can do with them go check out this page. If your not pretend you are and go look it will amaze you I promise.

(check out the pumpkin giving birth its so real like)


Manny said...

I'll check the site out.

Have you seen my new blog yet? Signgurl did it for me.

robinslife said...

That site is great, Like I said to you,on Todd I asked if he could draw the pic on it so I could carve, (I am not artistic at all and have nerve damage to my hands so I type well((with the backspace)) but cannot write a letter or draw a pic very well.) my husband said we will do it freehand with a sawz all(some kinda saw)

Thanks Gab for giving me that site it is too cool I just love Halloween!1!!

your !#1

your cuz


Manny said...

Hello gabby gab.

Little Wing said...

A great pumpkin site, I never could carve a pumpkin to make it look like anything but a childish attempt, so now I just paint them!!!

Manny said...

I posted my costume.