Friday, October 05, 2007

Thursday news and wonderings

Not a lot happening here. Work work and more work for Mr Gab. I stopped in because I am a little upset today. Because I lost my main blog the one that Ive been doing for 2 plus years is gone in cyber space, I have lost links to some really important blogger friends. Some of you I can find because I remember your blog's names.( I truely wonder where it has gone) Some of you......well my memory isn't that great. So if you find your way here and I haven't been to your blog, it isnt because I dont like you any more it cause I lost my information. So please dont think that Ive stopped visiting you because I no longer like reading you thats not the case. Your just lost to me. I still can't believe that all is lost. Some of my most fond memories some of my tributes and some of my just plain being silly is gone. I wish I had backed it up or something. But alas I dont think that far ahead most times. Course with this crap I'm going through I forget easily. So dear blogger friends if you do find your way here know that I'm still thinking about you and once you've been here I can hopefully find you again if you leave a comment!


robinslife said...


Wanted to say hi!

Hope you are finding all of your information soon.

Love Robin

robinslife said...

Thanks cuz on your post to my new blog! Go look back cause I had to edit- I forgot about Jerry(had to add him you know)