Saturday, October 06, 2007


Changed my background to pink for Breast Cancer awareness Month of Oct.

What a busy weekend. I helped my high school girlfriend move Fri. We just got the boxes. She will have to unpack most of the boxes before we can get the larger furniture moved in. This is her first apartment so she is having a blast trying to figure out what's what! I told her if she needed shelves for crying out loud please don't buy them call me as I have so many I don't know what to do!(like the old lady in the shoe lol)
She gave me her year books to hang onto for her and I was looking at my old Jr high and Sr high pictures. I may or may not post them. (Jr high was before they started calling it Middle school)
My cuz has her blog up and running. If you would like to visit her blog hit the Robin in the side bar link.
My oh my does my blog look empty. The original Gabalot's bits was closing in to 200 posts! 200 posts! This one has oh what maybe 14? Good Grief! That's nothing compared to 200!
When I try to remember what all I wrote about I thought oh forget it, its done past over and lets move on. Talk about something new now.
So ok
Remember my middle sister D? She's the one with CP. She just had a birthday. She turned 48. This is the girl they said wouldn't live past her 5th birthday!
And my youngest sister C? (yeah the one I always refer ed to as my baby sister) She is 44. Which of course makes me........ummmmmm 50 something! lol (ok ok I'm 53)
Getting old getting old. Crabby talks alot about going through the change. I have to say been there done that! But only because of the hysterectomy. Thing is I still have the hot flashes the mood swings .
Poor Mr Gab never knows when I'm going to "go off the deep end" as he puts it.
I truely hope you all had a good weekend. Weather here has been warm (warm enough for the a/c)


robinslife said...


Old is not being in the 50's range That is the start of another part of your life. Definatly not old in my book..

I think Old starts when you let yourself become old.

Anyways thanks for the mention,



Walker said...

Hi Gab, I am just getting caught up on all your recent posts.
I am sorry about your blog. I know how you feel, as I have lost one of mine in the past but if you had a copy of your old template you could get ity back if you put it in, just a thought.
If its some of your posts you want, I know my feed reader has about a 100 of them since i added you to it.

The thought of moving gives me a backack.

Old who is old after seeing how some of this younger generation is laying around doing nothing makes me wonder who is old especially when i am running around.