Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Penis envy

Caught your attention didn't I? LOL
But my post today is similar to Penis envy.

You know how guys just can't help themselves they just gotta look at another guy when going to the bathroom. And we all know they all have Penis Envy!
well of course they are the ones who everyone envy's!
Well Today it's actually Truck envy. Every guy who looks at my truck is wishing their truck was as big as mine is. Penis Envy!
I was just coming home from dropping off oldest son and his girlfriend to work when at a stop light the guy next to me was making waving motions at me. SO when I finally looked I rolled down the window and I said "Yes" in a drawn out word. and he was like OMG YOUR A GIRL! LMAO. I go "YES" and first thing that popped into my head was that cartoon chicken ya know the one The girl with Foghorn Leghorn. She is always saying "Yes" in just that tone!
Anyways back to this guy he was like well ok first of he was still shocked to know I was a "girl" then he goes "you can drive that big truck?" I kinda looked at him like are ya kidding me? I'm here at a stop light I'm the only one in the truck and Yep I think I'm driving it. SO I goes "YES" Now I know tell this to you all here looses most of the translation because if you've never seen the cartoon Foghorn Leghorn and you don't know the girl chicken on there then you don't know how the "YES" is really coming out of my mouth. But anyways I said Yes I can drive this truck in fact I call it my semi because it takes Diesel fuel not gasoline.
I swear the guy must'va swallowed his tongue. Well light turned green I made my left turn and what happens the guy in the right lane is now in the left lane following me. OK now I don't care for this. SO I drive over to the gas station where my grandson works and I go inside I was expecting the other guy to be following me and I was going to tell the manager about him (they all know me up there and watch out for me) But he drove on past! But if you ask me Penis Envy!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Movie time

So tonight grand kids wanted to stay when they got home from school to watch the new Monsters University. So I made arraignments with daughter to let the boys stay so we can watch it. SO when they got home after getting sandwiches and drinks getting set down some where to watch the movie we got started.
Well I tell you this move was very good as most kids movies are BUT when you are thinking its going one way its not its going in complete opposite. And of course when the movie was over the first thing was "Lets watch it again" I had to say sorry baby but maybe we can this weekend.
I think this is gonna be one of those lets watch it 100 times over and over and over again, and not be tired of watching it. Good thing I like Disney movies

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Kaitelynn


and many more!

Grandma  and Grandpa 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

In Memory- Happy Birthday

Today is Angela Goulet's birthday. She would have been 38 Today.
She passed in Sept 3rd 2000. 
So today on her day of birth we remember her and love her and say Happy Birthday we miss you. We know you are watching us from above. And one day we shall be reunited with you but until then keep watching. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Another try

So once again I tried to design or actually put designs on my nails and failed. SO with that in mind I took off all the last polish and redid them to all black with silver flecks.
this is the final results!
I call it Stary night.
Looks like stars every where in the black night sky. So even though its not quite Halloween themed it is pretty. And once again I was able to do it all myself.
Oh and I ended up filing all the longer ones down to shorter to match the ones that had broke.
I tell you something when one of your nails rip and you dont notice it and you go to bed and it catches on your blanket while you sleep and it rips when you turn over and tears clear down into your skin you will wake up very quickly and probably scream! (well I know I did (scream that is))
I'm still trying to do this all on my own. It's not as easy as I thought and I may end up going and getting some fake nails put on BUT only if I can do the polish when I want to because I change it often! I get bored with one color after oh about 2 to maybe 3 days! yeah I like to change! I dont buy a bunch of shoes In fact at last count I have a total of 4 pairs (not counting the 2 pairs of boots for winter) and I dont buy purses last count I have 4 purses as well. I dont buy make-up because I dont wear it. I dont go have my hair done nor do I color it. What I do do is buy nail polish! Im a polishaholic!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Foretravel for sale in Alvarado TX | 2013 Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach Bath & 1/2 model Bus Conversion For Sale from Motor Home Specialist in Alvarado Texas

New Foretravel for sale in Alvarado TX | 2013 Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach Bath & 1/2 model Bus Conversion For Sale from Motor Home Specialist in Alvarado Texas

So Mr Gab and are are looking at RV's and of course this is what I'M looking at! Well ok it's not because of the luxury that dont hurt of course no no it's because of the bath and 1/2 that I LOVE THIS RV!
and yes this place has others and lower price but this one caught my eye and wowers! I'M IN LOVE!

I remember all the trips we took with my mom and dad when I was a kid. Dad took a long van and took out all the back seats. Then he took the long bench seat and put it in backwards so that the people sitting on that were looking out behind the van. Then he set up sepical locks to lock my sister in so she could just sit in her wheel chair and be locked into place next to the bench seat by the farthest wall. Then way back in the corner on same side as where my sister sat he put in a porta potty. Rolled up under the bench seat was a mattress that once we got going we could pull out and lay down on to nap. at night mom, sister Diane (one in chair) sister Char (youngest sister) and me all slept on the mattress. sometimes I had my girlfriend Barb with me and she too slept there. Dad slept on the front seats where he had a cooler in between the two seats. and uncle Harold slept on the bench seat in back. crowed?  a little but we managed and had fun and went every where like that. as we got older Barb myself and my youngest sister got a tent to sleep in. with sleeping bags. but when it rained my little sister got to get back into the van while Barb and I shivered. One trip that sticks in my mind the most (before I got married and we took these trips with my parents and I'll tell you that in another blog post) we were in Yellowstone National Park and there were bears all over the place and we couldn't drive because they were on the road. and my girlfriend Barb was eating M & M's and she opened the window and tossed some out and of course that attracted the bears right away. One bear went to the car in front of us and the guy had his window open and next thing we know we are watching the bear climb right into the window of the car in front of us and those people scrambling out as fast as they could. Laugh yes we did but it could have been a very bad ending had those people had not gotten out as fast as they did. The park people were working as fast as they could to get the bears back away from the road and they were telling us please dont feed them and please keep your hands inside and all doors and windows closed. It was super scary. Then we drove on and towards night we stopped for the night and about 2 am it started to snow and we were all freezing to death. dad started the van and the heater trying to warm us all up (cause after all most of us were in shorts and sleeveless it was July after all) The next night it was so damn hot we got a motel room with air conditioning to cool down and it was like really one day we freeze to death next day we melt? LOL yeah Summer on the road ya gotta love or you dont belong there.

Friday, October 18, 2013

orange for Halloween but no wait

So I broke another couple nails. UGH
so when it comes down to polishing them they now look funny, 3 long rest short to below the skin OWIE.
So I thought today was a good day to do them again and maybe this time Orange for Halloween right?
Yeah well once they were done in Orange for Halloween I wasn't very happy with them. SO I went through all my polish and thought hey I have silver speckles let put them on top of the orange and Jazz it up a bit.
If I knew how to make the faces on my nails I would do pumpkins on them....oh but you need black to do that and I don't so back to plain orange and silver flecks. I put the silver over the orange and gee guess what NOT SO BAD looking now! Kinda looks cool. If I do say so my self. Here is the finished product. Have a great weekend everyone. Mauh  love to ya'll. and as my grandkids would say stay cool dude.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Remember Rain rain go away?

Right about now Mr. Gab and 3 of our grandsons are in South Dakota. The trip out was a nightmare. Most of the roads were flooded and there were even several bridges washed away. So When they got closer to the farm they called and asked me to get them a hotel room I did. I didnt hear from them again last night after they checked in so I thought ok all is good. I didn't call right away this morning either because I knew they had lots of work to do and I just didnt want to bother them. Around noon I text one of our grandsons asked how it was going I got ok. So I said have grandpa call when he's not busy. Well he called about 2 hrs later. They had just gotten to the farm and turned on the furnace and it smelled dead mouse bad!
We talked a bit then he told me it has been raining all day. Most of the dirt roads were slippery and really bad. I said even with our big truck and he said yes. WOW THATS BAD! He said if it doesnt stop raining they will probably come home early. Another reason being the boys are fighting. He cant get much work done with  them fighting. But one of the first things that came to mind when he told me it was still raining out there and it wasnt here was rain rain go away come back another day. I know first hand how bad those roads are when there is too much rain. Let me give you an example.
When I was a kid, dad and I would go to SD most weekends in the summer. There was this one spot in the road that was like going down a roller coaster hugh ass drop, about half mile across at the bottom then you climb back up the other side. and the climb up was one that could make your car struggle and sound as if it would never make it. So one day here we come 75mph to the top of the hill only to find the bottom missing. water over the road. well dad decided to just go for it. We drove those Panhards back then those damn little cars could have floated away! anyways we made it. Well when we went to come back home that road was closed. Fast forwards several years. Mr Gab and I have been married at least 25 years and we've made the trip over there many times and this road has been flooded so many times that there is NO DROP at all its all most a straight across road now. they built it up that much. BUT guess what? IT STILL FLOODS! OMG. So you got 2 choices...try to go across it or back up and find a different road. Well, that can be a challenge to because if its a dirt road that one could be gone completely. and oh yes we have seen it......if fact one year it was gone and the people who lived up that road were using a row boat to get down to the tar road to get into town. Yes its that bad. SO yeah. RAIN GO AWAY! PLEASE! I just pray Mr Gab n boys will be ok till they start for home then I pray they will be ok on the drive home.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Secret part2

Hello my blogger friends I am back and NOW I CAN TELL YOU THE SECRET:

This summer (in June) Mr Gab retired. He and I both were looking forwards to doing lots of stuff. Well except things got changed when our granddaughter came to live with us. Then we applied for Medical Assistant plus Food stamps. And gee guess what we were turned down...Are ya kidding? We are making only 1,435.00 a month and the mortgage people were trying to collect 1,395.00 a month. SO not only can't we pay our house payment and are fighting with them to re modify the payments to something we can live with our house is in foreclosure.
So while we are struggling to pay bills and buy my medicine that I have to have, we are now raising our granddaughter. Make money stretch I tell ya.
Well we have been going on a few dates lately because I have been back sliding on not wanting to go out any where. But Mr Gab has been insisting that we need some time to our selfs and so lets have a date. While we were out on our date this Saturday Mr Gab's cell rang. It was his old boss from Holiday. He wasn't sure he wanted to answer it but he did after a bit and then he said "Well we got more to talk about tonight than just the usual kids, grand-kids, money problems etc etc" I said "oh yeah what" so he told me they want him to come back to work. I said NO! Then he said " it might possible be assistant manager and it would be 2nd shift and full time which means INSURANCE!" Oh why did he say that? He knows all the hassles we've had trying to get insurance including Obamacare which we were turned down for.
So all weekend we talked about it. and then said OK lets wait till Monday when he calls back and see what he offers.
Well he called today. And they did offer him Assistant Manager job at 12 an hr plus bonus's on the 2nd shift which is 3-11. and Mr Gab said


And So he goes back to work Oct.28th! and 90 days after that I will have insurance again and can go to the Doctor's again and the dentist again and yes Thank you God for this offer!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I've got a secret. AND I CANT TELL YOU!


Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wa- hoo and BOO HOO

Ok so tonight Weds night I decided I wanted outside. Mr Gab and I go out to eat some time but usually same places Apple Bees, Bakers Square. Once in awhile Red Lobster or Outback Steakhouse. But I wanted different. I wanted to try Ruby Tuesdays. Well we had two choices South Dale Mall or Mall Of America. MOA is closest.
So off we went. We parked to where we thought would be closet to about where restaurant was located. Got inside walked to information kiosk and looked and found we were no where near. So we took elevator up to next level and I took about 10 steps stopped and said lets go home I cant do this. So we went back down and started out. BUT there at the entrance door low and behold they had chairs to rent electric chairs (scooters) and wheelchairs! After hubby talked to the lady we decided wheelchair and we were off once again. Took elevator back up started to walk and then we stopped to check how much farther we needed to go. Well we figured around the corner but we took about 5 steps and hey we were there. So in we went. It took us a few minutes to go over the menu and figure out what each of us wanted and then we ordered. YUMMY. Not only am I glad we went out I'm glad I got to try a new restaurant. Plus we got to do some window shopping along the way. Mr. Gab and I also got time to talk. Now I have my own scooter I could have loaded it and took it But see we didn't know if we could get there by elevator. and one level parking. Couple weeks ago when we went to the movies there I had to go up steps even though I had my walker with the seat and Mr Gab ended up pushing me in that I had the worst weekend of pain ever! I didn't want to do that again. There are steps every where at the mall and yes they do have an elevator but it goes only to 3rd floor then you gotta walk to figure out where to go to next elevator to go up to 4th floor where theaters are I CANT WALK THAT MUCH! 50 feet and less people then I'm done for. Which is why when we got so far at the mall I was already hurting and couldn't do more and even going back down to leave and go home I was at the point of collapsing. So I do hurt some tonight because of walking more than I could handle But everything was worth it after getting the chair and relaxing with Mr Gab enjoying a new restaurant and just being out of the house. I want to try another date night Friday night maybe try a movie again. But we will have to wait and see after we pay bills LOL

I'm coming back little by little

Hello Blogger world how are you doing? I am doing......well ok let's not get into that just yet because there are so many things going on in my life that well would be the start of a book if I started to Blog about it.
So instead I am saying Hi I am coming back little by little leaving Face Book and coming back to where it all started and to what I enjoy....writing about my life.
As you can see my last two post I've been working on taking care of my nails. This is new to me and for me.
I WAS A NAIL BITTER! Oh the shame of it all. I still don't have everything down pat yet on doing them But I am getting better for some one who has arthritis really bad in her hands and shakes every where when trying to do the polish!
I've learned the best nail file to own is a glass one YES YOU READ RIGHT GLASS!
it doesn't tear your nail and you can file in either direction and it doesn't affect the nail in fact its almost if it makes them stronger. I buy mine from NO THAT ISN'T A PLUG FOR THEM! It just happens to be the only place my girlfriend who recommended them to me could find them so that's where I get them too.
Mr Gab has retired did I tell you that? HA HA HA just kidding........Oh wait seriously he did retire ....from Holiday......BUT he is working just a bit for one of our grandson's dads who owns a trucking firm so he does take a job every now and again. BUT GUESS WHAT?
He told me other day maybe he should go find a over the road trucking job again because he misses it a lot!
Well I said ok cause I would Love to go with him.....but we have a few small things to settle here first. The very first thing to settle is TJ.
Now TJ is our oldest grandson he is 17 till Nov 10th of this year then he will be yeah you guessed it 18!
But he is a senior in school. SO we are trying to hang around till he finishes school and graduates. I can't believe our OLDEST GRANDSON IS ALMOST 18 ALREADY. seems like just yesterday.
Oh and you know we have been talking about remember whens and the other day we were saying remember when we were talking about taking a trip out to South Dakota the coming up weekend (this was like on a Tuesday) and we were trying to see if we could fit it in our plans AND have our daughter keep her son that weekend so we could go alone. WHEN I SAID "hey where is TJ"? Now Tj is 3 at this point in time and usually he is right there with us but he was no where to be found......when all of a sudden we hear bump bump bump and here comes TJ walking though the kitchen with a HUGH suitcase dragging behind him and we go are you going someplace TJ? and he goes yes with grandma and grandpa to South Dakota. I'm ready and packed. (Before we usually had to say well hurry up go get packed we will wait for ya) Any ways we said but we aren't going to South Dakota right now and he broke out crying cause he was ready to go and wasn't about to be left behind. SO just out of curiosity we opened his HUGH suitcase to see what he packed and that little 3 year old had everything he would need for a whole damn 2 weeks!!! He wasn't going to be left behind. And it so so damn funny cause the suitcase was like 4 times bigger than him and he was a very big kid at 3 in fact most people thought he was 6 or 8 years old and some called us lie rs when we said no he was only 3. See I told ya a book! LOL anyways thats it for now. I will try to be back tomorrow. Or maybe I will try to set just 1 or 2 days aside a week and write an updated "Book" each time! Anyways take care play nice be nice to each other and see ya'll next time God Willing!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Tried another new color

I am so having fun doing my nails. Still have some problems with the shaking part but still they are turning out pretty great if I do say so myself. Tonights nails they are suppose to be GREEN but look so more like blue. So maybe bluish green? IDK! LOL
Tonight I used the usually bottom coat and top coats then I used Sparitual Crystal Waters 
next I used Dollish Pollish Spank You Very Much 
and then I topped it off with Avon's Urban Splatter
as you can see I haven't done a clean up job. But once again not a bad job

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Learning to do my nails and having some fun

I have never been able to do my own nails. I have always been a nail bitter. And when I started taking meds that made my nails real brittle I started to go to a nail salon and had "fake" nails put on so that I could have very nice nails.
Then I changed some of my meds and to save money decided to do my own nails. Well I AM A CLUTZ! I have arthritis to start off with so my hands don't always work. they shake and don't go the way I want them to so lots of times I make a hugh mess. But I kept trying.
Today is one of my best days at trying.

So here is the final results of today's try. and here is what I used.
1) Opi Base coat
2)Orly Plum Delicious
3) Nicole Gone Wishin'
4)Avon Urban Splatter
5) Opi Rapi Dry Top Coat
And yes it took me a little while to do it all because I waited just a extra little bit in between each one to make sure each coat was dry because of my shaking hands. Any extra mess around the edges I used a q-tip and some nail polish remover to clean up with and here is the end results! I also have to thank Jenny Johnson for the few nails tips that she gave me they have helped alot. I have just a couple more things to get down pat and I think I will soon start trying my hand at designs on my nails. I know one thing it saves a lot of money. I had most of the polish already With the exception of Avon's Urban Splatter which my daughter just bought me! Either way I think I've done a great job!