Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I'm coming back little by little

Hello Blogger world how are you doing? I am doing......well ok let's not get into that just yet because there are so many things going on in my life that well would be the start of a book if I started to Blog about it.
So instead I am saying Hi I am coming back little by little leaving Face Book and coming back to where it all started and to what I enjoy....writing about my life.
As you can see my last two post I've been working on taking care of my nails. This is new to me and for me.
I WAS A NAIL BITTER! Oh the shame of it all. I still don't have everything down pat yet on doing them But I am getting better for some one who has arthritis really bad in her hands and shakes every where when trying to do the polish!
I've learned the best nail file to own is a glass one YES YOU READ RIGHT GLASS!
it doesn't tear your nail and you can file in either direction and it doesn't affect the nail in fact its almost if it makes them stronger. I buy mine from NO THAT ISN'T A PLUG FOR THEM! It just happens to be the only place my girlfriend who recommended them to me could find them so that's where I get them too.
Mr Gab has retired did I tell you that? HA HA HA just kidding........Oh wait seriously he did retire ....from Holiday......BUT he is working just a bit for one of our grandson's dads who owns a trucking firm so he does take a job every now and again. BUT GUESS WHAT?
He told me other day maybe he should go find a over the road trucking job again because he misses it a lot!
Well I said ok cause I would Love to go with him.....but we have a few small things to settle here first. The very first thing to settle is TJ.
Now TJ is our oldest grandson he is 17 till Nov 10th of this year then he will be yeah you guessed it 18!
But he is a senior in school. SO we are trying to hang around till he finishes school and graduates. I can't believe our OLDEST GRANDSON IS ALMOST 18 ALREADY. seems like just yesterday.
Oh and you know we have been talking about remember whens and the other day we were saying remember when we were talking about taking a trip out to South Dakota the coming up weekend (this was like on a Tuesday) and we were trying to see if we could fit it in our plans AND have our daughter keep her son that weekend so we could go alone. WHEN I SAID "hey where is TJ"? Now Tj is 3 at this point in time and usually he is right there with us but he was no where to be found......when all of a sudden we hear bump bump bump and here comes TJ walking though the kitchen with a HUGH suitcase dragging behind him and we go are you going someplace TJ? and he goes yes with grandma and grandpa to South Dakota. I'm ready and packed. (Before we usually had to say well hurry up go get packed we will wait for ya) Any ways we said but we aren't going to South Dakota right now and he broke out crying cause he was ready to go and wasn't about to be left behind. SO just out of curiosity we opened his HUGH suitcase to see what he packed and that little 3 year old had everything he would need for a whole damn 2 weeks!!! He wasn't going to be left behind. And it so so damn funny cause the suitcase was like 4 times bigger than him and he was a very big kid at 3 in fact most people thought he was 6 or 8 years old and some called us lie rs when we said no he was only 3. See I told ya a book! LOL anyways thats it for now. I will try to be back tomorrow. Or maybe I will try to set just 1 or 2 days aside a week and write an updated "Book" each time! Anyways take care play nice be nice to each other and see ya'll next time God Willing!

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