Friday, October 18, 2013

orange for Halloween but no wait

So I broke another couple nails. UGH
so when it comes down to polishing them they now look funny, 3 long rest short to below the skin OWIE.
So I thought today was a good day to do them again and maybe this time Orange for Halloween right?
Yeah well once they were done in Orange for Halloween I wasn't very happy with them. SO I went through all my polish and thought hey I have silver speckles let put them on top of the orange and Jazz it up a bit.
If I knew how to make the faces on my nails I would do pumpkins on them....oh but you need black to do that and I don't so back to plain orange and silver flecks. I put the silver over the orange and gee guess what NOT SO BAD looking now! Kinda looks cool. If I do say so my self. Here is the finished product. Have a great weekend everyone. Mauh  love to ya'll. and as my grandkids would say stay cool dude.


Libbie Doyle said...

Looks fab! I should do those with my daughter!

GAB said...

Libbie a little hint I got the silver sparkle at the Dollar Tree. I dont know if you have one near you but thats where I got the silver. The orange is O P I. got it on sale.