Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Penis envy

Caught your attention didn't I? LOL
But my post today is similar to Penis envy.

You know how guys just can't help themselves they just gotta look at another guy when going to the bathroom. And we all know they all have Penis Envy!
well of course they are the ones who everyone envy's!
Well Today it's actually Truck envy. Every guy who looks at my truck is wishing their truck was as big as mine is. Penis Envy!
I was just coming home from dropping off oldest son and his girlfriend to work when at a stop light the guy next to me was making waving motions at me. SO when I finally looked I rolled down the window and I said "Yes" in a drawn out word. and he was like OMG YOUR A GIRL! LMAO. I go "YES" and first thing that popped into my head was that cartoon chicken ya know the one The girl with Foghorn Leghorn. She is always saying "Yes" in just that tone!
Anyways back to this guy he was like well ok first of he was still shocked to know I was a "girl" then he goes "you can drive that big truck?" I kinda looked at him like are ya kidding me? I'm here at a stop light I'm the only one in the truck and Yep I think I'm driving it. SO I goes "YES" Now I know tell this to you all here looses most of the translation because if you've never seen the cartoon Foghorn Leghorn and you don't know the girl chicken on there then you don't know how the "YES" is really coming out of my mouth. But anyways I said Yes I can drive this truck in fact I call it my semi because it takes Diesel fuel not gasoline.
I swear the guy must'va swallowed his tongue. Well light turned green I made my left turn and what happens the guy in the right lane is now in the left lane following me. OK now I don't care for this. SO I drive over to the gas station where my grandson works and I go inside I was expecting the other guy to be following me and I was going to tell the manager about him (they all know me up there and watch out for me) But he drove on past! But if you ask me Penis Envy!

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