Sunday, November 03, 2013

Early Birthday

So we had TJ's birthday party today. His actual birthday is not until NEXT Sunday. He will officially be 18!
But today he had his party. He wanted to go bowling for his birthday party so that's what we did......well all except me. I was the cheerleader! I sat and cheered and high-5'd and fist bumped people and yelled and went awwww you were robbed you know cheered!
We had pizza and pop and of course I tried some pizza and I should have left it alone! OMG the spices in their sauce! UGH after the first bite I just ate the toppings off (cheese) and if Mr Gab didn't eat the bottom half I dumped it!
I gave TJ 2 of my pewter pieces from my pewter collection. The very first 2 I ever got. 1 is a wizard holding a staff that has a crystal on top of the staff. the other is a dragon. These are what made me want to collect pewter pieces wizards and dragons and castles. I have a few plus some coke pieces in pewter and then a few like teddy bear, and doll. done in pewter also.
A few weeks ago before the guys went out to South Dakota I was talking with grandson Aaron and we were talking about some of my collections and he said he wanted my Furby collection and I said ok I will give you that collection as long as you don't care that I give your brother the whole pewter collection. He no no he was ok with that. SO I checked with TJ and he too said he was ok with that. But TJ didn't know I was going to be giving him 2 of those pieces for his birthday. I really wish I had taken pictures of his face when he found out what was in the boxes.
OK to make you have a kinda picture of this first let me tell you what I did.
I took empty boxes of soap and used them to put the pewter pieces in. So when he first unwrapped the box he's like you trying to tell me something grandma? And I'm like yeah you need to shower more NOT! This kid already takes an hour shower!So he opens first box then pulls out the piece wrapped in paper towel and slowly unwraps it and his eyes grew big and hes like oh -oh -oh and this little smile was on his face and he was like grandma these are like yours and I'm was like Tj these are mine these are the very first ones I ever got. Then he opened the second box and tried to give them back to me. I'm like NO BABY THEY ARE NOW YOURS.
He was not sure he wanted them now and I'm like that's why I only gave you 2. You have to wait for the rest. because they are worth money you only get 2 now and the rest later when I'm gone. So he ran down to his room and put them away! He was so happy. he came back and hugged and kissed me and said thank you I love you. I told him he was very welcome and happy birthday early!
Now as I'm sitting here I realize something.....Ive had this kid since he was a baby. and hes about to turn 18. Ive now raised another child to adult.
Excuse me while I go cry..................................................

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