Sunday, November 24, 2013


50 years ago on Friday we were all remembering the death of our President....President Kennedy.
50 years ago I was 9.
50 years ago I was in 3rd grade.
50 years ago my father would not let us watch TV during the daytime
50 years ago that changed when our President had been shot!
50 years is a long time ago yet that is one day I can remember like yesterday:
we were sitting in our class room when all of a sudden the principle came on the intercom and said our President had just been shot and we were all to go home.
We all looked at each other not exactly sure what this meant other than go home.
So we left.
I got home and mom wanted to know why I was home early.
I told her they said our President had been shot and go home.
Because dad didn't allow TV on during the daytime mom left me with my sisters and ran to a neighbors house.
When mom came back she was crying and she turned our TV on and we sat and watched everything unfold.
When my dad got home he didn't say a thing about TV being on before 6pm because he had already heard the news. SO he just came in sat in his chair and watched it unfold like we were. we didn't talk just watched.
and when they said our President was dead we sat there stunned. How could this be? In our times? It just didn't happen? At least we didn't think so! This happened like back when President Lincoln was shot not in modern times.
But it had happened and we were watching it over and over again on the TV.
The next day dad told mom that from now on she was to have the radio on all day (it usually got turned off at 7am.) and should there be something considered emergency like our President being shot she was to turn on the TV no matter what time it was.
That is how we heard about when Harvey Oswald had been shot. and once again our TV was turned on long before 6pm.
It wasn't long after that and our TV was on starting about 10 am every day. Didn't really matter what was on just so it was on so they could be first to hear about "breaking news"
Yes 50 years a lot of things have changed. and it started with our President being shot and killed. R.I.P. Mr. President in my opinion you were the best and would have made a very big mark in our history even if you hadn't been killed.

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Walker said...

I remember that day, it was the day my cousin was born.
Strange how life and tragety walk hand in hand.

You have had 5 assasination i think and a dozen attempted assasination since and including Lincohn.
Yes I am that old HA HA HA!!!!

To many nuts in the world