Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just totally fed up

Thanksgiving is coming up and already the family feud has started. I'm so damn sick and tired of all of this that as of tonight I'm thinking of telling Mr Gab when he gets off work to forget doing Thanksgiving and go to the casino and have our own.
It starts out with our youngest son and his girlfriend. He pays this woman $900.00 a month in child support and also lives with her to help care for the kids (don't ask)
So the other day she yells at him he can't eat there as he don't pay for the groceries! WHAT ARE YA KIDDING?
SO after he tells me this I say well we aren't doing Thanksgiving. He gets mad and says so whats his kids suppose to do? I say well you and your kids are welcome she is NOT. He gives that woman Fricken $900.00 a month lives with her to help with his own kids but hes not paying for the groceries? REALLY!
Ok round two:
our daughter gets all pissy when I start talking about planning the menu and says to me well maybe you want your new daughter to help you.
Alright now let me explain.....oldest son and his girlfriend and her two boys are living with us along with our oldest sons daughter. I  A M  T R Y I N G  T O  G E T  A L O N G!
So I am nice to her. doesn't mean she is my new daughter.
but we start talking and planning and I say when can you go shopping with me? Daughter says I'm super busy all week but Friday. I say ok Friday is good.
SO today I say don't forget to bring the pan over for the turkey (I want to make sure pan is big enough because Oldest son got a 21 lb turkey this year) because if its not tomorrow when we go shopping I can buy a new one!
she say ok then all of a sudden she goes I really cant go shopping tomorrow. WHAT? WE ALL READY PLANNED THIS OUT! FRICK ME!
pissed oh yes I am.
Now she text me and says "oh I cant find the pan" Ok no biggie I will go buy my own damn pan or better yet Mr Gab and I will go do our own thing and Screw ya all!
What the Heck happened to being Thankful? and family? and all the other stuff Thanksgiving is suppose to be about?
I just don't want to do this any more. This family is the original dysfunctional family of all times.
no one cares about the other oh they claim they do but not really its all about them! AND IT IS NOT THE WAY Mr Gab and I brought them up!


G-Man said...

Hi Gab....
Thanks for stopping by so much lately .
I see you still live in Chaos!
You and the old man should go to the IHOP for thanksgiving

Walker said...

You have to do it your way.
Your house it's your party and you'll do what you want too and you should.
There comes a time when you have to put your foot down and those who don't like what you do should go make their own life with their rules instead of stepping all over yours.

I have the girl freind coming up for thanksgiving.
We do both, Canadian in October and American in November.
We throw a tailgate party and watch football then all pass out LOL