Sunday, November 10, 2013


Already where did the time go? yes he doesnt look happy in that picture above because he think's I'm gonna post it to Face Book. Well I didn't not this time. I honored his wish and just put it here.
our daughter gave birth to Tj 18 years ago today he weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs 12 ozs and was a OMG 23 3/4 inches long! yes he was almost a full grown kid when he was born! at age 3 he talked like an adult and understood most of the words that he was saying. Like I asked him once if he knew what it meant to be responsible? He replied "yes, grandma to be responsible means you need to take care of something or to admit to something if you did it." I said to take care of what? He said " well like if you get me a dog I would have to train it, walk it, feed it, water it, brush it and have you help me take it to the doctors" WOW he knew that word pretty well. So I asked the next question. Ok I said you said admit something if you did it what do you mean? and he said " well grandma if I broke something I have to be responsible and tell you or grandpa that I broke it not lie about it" I was floored. This little 3 year old knew what responsible meant pretty darn well and nope we really didnt tell him he picked up on it when Mr Gab and I talked.
Then this little 3 year old said to me "grandma I wanna be just like grandpa when I grow up. I want to be as big as him and I want to work like him" and I said "well baby, we will just have to wait and see. because it's not up to us how tall your gonna be or how big but you've got a good start on size so maybe (remember he was big when he was born so at age three he was like a 6 year old in size) and Jobs change so you might want to do something else" "Nope" he said "I  wanna be just like my grandpa" Yes people this little boy was and still is 100% grandpa's boy. every where grandpa went there was TJ. every time we left the house TJ wanted to go with and he cried something terrible if we left him behind. It got so bad one time when we did leave him behind that our daughter begged us never to do that again. TJ was so upset, and it took us forever to calm him down once we got back home and yes he had made him self sick over crying because we were gone and left him behind so yeah he always took him with us. EVERY WHERE INCLUDING WHEN WE MOVED TO SOUTH DAKOTA!
When we first went looking at houses in SD and TJ was 3 he would run from bedroom to bedroom and he would "Claim" this one would be his if we bought that house. Well of course every one he "claimed would be his was the biggest bedroom and would be grandma's and grandpa's not his. But that wasn't what worried us. I said to grandpa what is he gonna do when he finds out he's not moving with us? Grandpa said IDK. Well we got to the house we did buy and TJ said this is my room and yes once again its the biggest room and I'm like UMMM NO WAY! He cried and yes yes that was gonna be his room. I said no look at this other room it's already a kids room its a nice room. We went to the South Dakota State Fair and he had won a poster picking fishy and I put the poster up in that room and said see it looks good in here so when you come to visit this will be your room. OOOPS! He sat down and cried and cried and cried. He wasnt leaving! So when we started to move our things from MN to SD every load we took had something of his in it PLUS he would make sure he was in the car before we even thought of leaving. He wasn't gonna let us move without him. So we said to our daughter ok its summer let him stay with us for the summer. (after all he's only 3 and she was dealing with a new baby (Aaron)) So it was agreed. But not only did grandma and grandpa get the BIG bedroom so did he. We bought a crib so he could sleep in our room with us. That first year was the year grandpa went over the road trucking. So TJ slept in the crib and I had the bed and Grandpa slept with me when he came home. We went to the farm and got the bed frame from my grandmother's room and brought it into town and cleaned it up and painted it. then we watched for a sale on a mattress and box spring and when we finally got a set we put it in the smaller room for TJ. That lasted about 2 days because Aaron came to live with us. So we put that bed with with the crib in the big room and moved our waterbed in the smaller room and TJ won! He got the room he said he was gonna get when we bought that house.
Now TJ is 18. He is like his grandpa is almost every way. He is actually taller than grandpa by about 2 inches. He is as big as grandpa weight wise. and He works the same job as grandpa. He works at Holiday stationstore just like grandpa does. And he got his wish on that too! HE IS LIKE HIS GRANDPA!
and you know I always sing in true Gab fashion so here goes:
and many more!
18 years has gone by way to quickly! You've been our grandson and our son! We've raised you from a baby to a man! I hope you have many happy memories! I know we do.

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