Tuesday, November 12, 2013

about 6 short weeks away

Did you realize that in about 6 short weeks we will be at the end of another year? No? Well you know it now. Yes it is that close upon us. Less than 2 weeks to Thanksgiving and then about 4 weeks to Christmas. UGH say its not so. I know there will be some one out there counting and say oh no there is this many more NO I"M ROUNDING IT OFF! I SAID IN ABOUT! I am not doing exact days or time for that matter. ABOUT PEOPLE ABOUT.
We get ready to have Thanksgiving and then start the frantic shopping for Christmas. AND YES there are those who are done (snicker) and those who are just about done but need to go out on black Friday (snicker) Me? I wait till day before Christmas.....and then if I have any money what so ever I buy a few gifts. If not they all get a picture of what they may or may not get the day after when everything is 50% off. So with all that in mind and the fact that soon we will be saying good bye to 2013 and Hello to 2014 and starting this all over again and it will go faster and faster each year and I will say NO slow down but it wont. Because when your older and want more time it flys away fast then when your a kid and it drags so slow because you want to be older to do things. Live and learn. Then stop and smell the roses because even if it seemed slow as a kid its actually going faster than you know.
And to my friend, if you cant stop what you need to stop in order to try to get the help you need then I'm sorry. And if you no longer choose to be my friend on Face Book ok. But I am still your friend and still here for ya if you need me. Just don't expect me to jump on the sympathy train with ya

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