Thursday, November 07, 2013

Do they celebrate in Heaven?

Today is my mom's birthday. Do they celebrate in Heaven? I hope so. I know I still do here on earth. does it seem strange that I still celebrate my mom's birthday even though she is no longer with us?

First picture is my sister Diane in her wheel chair My mom leaning down and my Aunt Jane (mom's sister) down in front. Second picture is my mom and my sister Diane when she was a baby. Mom had just had her 64th birthday and 9 days later she was gone. WRONG WRONG WRONG. I screamed at god! Can't take her. she just had her second grand daughter and her very first great grand son! This is wrong! But of course nothing comes back. And momma was gone. I can look at her picture now with out crying.......much. Love you mom. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a kick ass day in Heaven!

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