Thursday, December 30, 2010

year in review

Ok so this year has been a difficult one at best. My dad passed away in April...and that kinda set the mood for the whole year. Everything revolved around dad's estate(which btw hasnt been settled yet!)My oldest sister decieded to get a lawyer to fight my youngest sister being in charge of dad's estate. Well, oldest sister lost and youngest sister is working on selling everything as dad's will stated. Well almost everything.
We took in dad's dog....who didnt bark, was almost blind in both eyes and had arthritis in his hind legs....common I guess in his breed.(he was part collie part german shepard) He loved his walks and would literally dance to go. He lasted a year and half with us before he passed. Oh now that was awful in its self but poor AJ...Buddy was kinda like his dog. He was very upset. Of course he asked if we could get another dog but we had to say not right now.
In July Mr Gab got pushed right out of his job at Holiday. He was making more than the managers were and he was an Assistant Manager. He asked to be trained and moved up but they shoved him right out the door. Everyone said we should get a lawyer but where do you think the money will come from? Mr Gab did work an OTR job till they ran out of work. SO he's been putting in app's all over the place including driver for Pizza NO avail!
We lost the house and it will be sold in a sheriff's sale. We just have no means of coming up with over 10,000. to catch up the fact they said oh we can re modify so you can afford your payments....they were over 1,200 when we started and after they re modified it was over 1,300. Now plz tell me how in the sam hell that got better? if we couldnt afford 1,200 how can we afford 1,300? so we lost our home of 35 years.
Mr Gab still not working and weve run outta money. I guess next step is welfare. I dont want too Mr Gab doesnt want to but as long as no one is hiring what can we do? and what are we gonna do when they come knocking and say move out now? We have no money left for any kinda of 1st month rent nor deposit!
Our christmas was bleak to say the least but we kept cheerful for the grandkids. ALL of whom were here.....YEP you read right ALL 8 grands were here....Kelley's mom has let us start seeing kelley again. In fact Ive had her all this week while she is off for christmas vacation.
Our internet,cabletv and telephone is only on thanks to our youngest son....But I dont think he'll be able to keep that up much longer so any day now it could get shut off. Im not sure how I'll handle that....I LIVE FOR THE INTERNET! I play pogo, and facebook and I still bop over to my friends here on blogger world. Unfortunately some of my friends have decided to stop blogging and I will miss them and their keen wit! But I understand as I haven't written in awhile Ive been so angry that Ive been afraid to write for fear of going off the deep end. So I just came and went on other bloggers sites mostly not even leaving a comment (unless I couldn't help myself)
I have dropped a lot of meds I need and so my health has been all over the place....I try to keep the main one which is for the heart/bloodpressure rest of them I just cant afford.... the heart one is almost 200.00 so I can do that one but heck now when I run out Im not sure what we will do.
Mr Gab has taken copper and aluminum down to sell and that gives us a few bucks, he wanted to donate plasma but he has hep b so they wont take him.
But with all my bad luck this year Im looking at 2011 as being a better year for us maybe this will be the year to move to FL? I can only hope.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


So I have added a new link over to the right....but for some reason I cant get it to work properly. So if you would please copy it and put it in your browser just the way it is. Hubby and I have started to be more concerned about our planet and have started to "GO GREEN" here in our home. Hope you join us in the "GO GREEN" and check out this website. Plant a dozen trees lol.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well,I havent said much about it any where else because you know if you spread it around people will know.
But so far this week has been interesting. Mr Gab left last Saturday.....he's driving again.....over the road (OTR). And so far no real problems, the kids and I have been scrubbing house top to bottom, Mr Gab wanted to know why we couldnt do it while he was still only answer to that was IDK. It was like if he did work the rest of us did too and if he took the day off so did we. Our youngest son has been staying here and he said it was because his dad was "in the way" Well, ok but the man lives here hello!!!! little man hasnt been very happy about grandpa being gone and OH OH OH neither has Lucky!!!!! There is no one who plays ball with Lucky quit like Mr Gab does. I try trust me I try but I dont throw it just the right way.....I swear I think I'm throwing it up really high and he jumps up and grabs it mid air and the drops back on the bed like hohum is that all you have!? I mean seriously that cat!!!!!!!
I went to the doctor on Tuesday I went to the arthritis doc. and my blood pressure is off the charts again! I think if I hadnt had little man with me they would have put me in the hospital. They really werent happy with me. They kept telling me that it was too high. The nurse even asked me it I had taken my pills that morning. I said yes I had. I usually take them around 7 am every day. and my appointment was at 9:45 am.
Any ways.... I've talked several times to Mr Gab. It's kinda funny he calls me more now than when he was working close to home. LOL but really he calls to check to see what our bank is doing to see how I'm doing without him and so forth. He has spent the last three days in Florida. I keep telling him to look for a house for us. He told me one neighborhood had some houses for sale but they only had a sidewalk in between each house thats how close together they were he said you'd be in your house and "burp" or "pass gas" and the neighbors two houses down would say there they go again. Thats just a little to close lol. I mean here our house not only on a corner but there is enough space between our house and the neighbors that you could build a small house in between us. Now thats space. Even at our house in South Dakota we are on a corner and have space between our house and our neighbors. Of course our farm has the most space!
Mr Gab told me to "win" the lottery so we could buy a house in Florida. Yeah thats gonna happen. Well any way Mr Gab says he might be home this weekend. So hey if you dont find me here or Facebook or Pogo well........I guess you know where I'll be and hey if the bedroom is busy stay away!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Well actually I did. All though our married life I bought stuff... Oh you know the kind of stuff....collections, rings, what ever I thought at that time that I just had to have. I still enjoy alot of my "STUFF" but now here's the kicker.. I was packing some of my stuff to move with us when we go. There was certain stuff I really wanted to keep. Take for example my snow globes. I love those things. I have some unusual ones. and some that are just cute. So I packed them all away using a ton of bubble wrap, making sure I put them some place that wont get cold so they don't freeze and break. Then I had an epiphany! Ok so first I'm thinking I have to have a place to put these. then I m thinking what are they really good for? and the last thing that really got me thinking about keeping these snow globes, is all they do is collect dust and I really hate to dust. So I sat there thinking so why do I really want to keep them? I couldn't come up with a good reason, so I said ok I'm gonna look at them see if maybe I'd like to keep just a couple and sell the rest. After all we are pretty broke even though Mr Gab has been doing some work. But before I got started doing that I started thinking of some other stuff I could get rid of. Like I have a "Sh**" load of rings. I cant wear most of them because of my arthritis. So I went through them last night and off to the pawn shop we went. I got more than I expected yet less than I expected. I had a diamond solitare ring that an old boyfriend gave me and I figured that alone should have been 200. But nope that was about 75.00 Mr Gab had want to get estimates from at least 3 places but that one took so long that we both said ok we will take your deal. I started to cry cause in away those rings meant something to me but like I said I cant even wear them so whats the point of having them? So there was my start. Then I started to think of other "STUFF" I have in collections and thought the same thing why do I want them are they doing any good by having them and do I really need them. my answer was I dont need them they dont do me any good and lets sell them too. That dust factor came up alot. and so did we are really broke. So with that in mind alot of stuff is going to be put up on either ebay or craigslist. Now mind you stuff that came from my grandmother or my mom I'm keeping no matter what. That to me does have a reason. I can come up with lots of reasons as to why I need them. My snowglobes not so much. I have resigned myself to I really dont need this stuff any more and I really dont know why I thought I did but maybe now selling them I can make some money.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So remember on the 13th it was my sisters birthday? Well that sister's daughter has a birthday today sooo it true Gab fashion:


and many more! love aunt g!

wow it's funny because this neice is now 15! OMG 15. but ok thats whats not really the funny part. The funny part is my oldest grandson will also be 15 this year just in Nov.

So when my neice was born and then 3 months later my frist grandbaby was born whew I was busy. I was trying to spoil them both. i was trying to put myself into the poor house then I think. But see I couldnt not spoil M just because I had Tj now. I had spoiled M's brothers (rotten I think lol I got them lots of those gameboy games they wanted even when I just bought them one) So I had to also spoil her and now a grandson! now mind you I think the grandson got a little more than my neice did. BUT the thing that realllllllllllyyyyy puts both these kids on top of the world is they get to drive soon!
My neice has already taken driver's school. My grandson has driven my car (with me teaching him) . He will do the school this next year or maybe in next few months after school starts. I to a point am looking forwards to my grandson driving. OMG DID I REALLY SAY THAT? I can hear it now my kids are dropping their mouths and going "mother you've gotten soft in your old age."
See because when it was time for each of my kids to start thinking of driving I said OH HELL NO NOT TILL YOUR 21!!! now here my grandson is only goingto be 15 and Im already teaching him. One reason I am ok with is it is then I can send him to the store and I can sit home. Or he can drive me and I can sit back and relax! It's kinda funny I never thought in those terms with my own kids I was jumpy nervous and definitely not calm. But with my grandson it like whats the big deal? And as for my neice? As long as I cant see her driving Im ok. But should I see her I probably freak! I swear theres something wrong with me. LOL

Thursday, August 19, 2010


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I had my favorite dream again last night. Oooooh and it was almost like it was happening. It starts out with this delivery truck pulling up to my house. A guy jumps out and comes to the house with a envelope. He tells me he has a package for a Gale......... and he needs my ID. So I get my drivers license and show it to him. He takes the little wand thingy and scans my license. Then he takes another do hickey thing out and says he needs my thumb print. So he takes my thumb print and runs it through a machine and a green light pops on and he says ok sign here and its yours. After all that I'm like WTH is in the package. I shut the door and go sit in my chair and start to open it. There I find this cashiers check for $10,000.00. I look at it again then start to scream "what are you kidding where did this come from" Of course the very first thing I do is pay off this house and then pay all and I do mean all of my bills off. Whew that's a relief. Then I split the rest up and either buy bonds or put it into CD's. Then I sit back and dream of what to do with some of the money. I do take some and build a house on my grandparents farm which my dad left to me. I think of buying a spot in Florida and buying a boat. A BIG BOAT cause I wanna sail around to every where I can. I buy some new clothes (after all most of the ones I own now are about 25 yrs old) But I just don't go crazy. I do let Mr Gab get a new truck after all he's been driving junkers for so many years now that he most definitely deserves a new vehicle. But the biggest item I buy is Motor home. Then I drive around the country to all blogger friends and have a party at each and every blogger friends house. It's such a great dream.

I started this Blog yesterday morning before we left to get our oldest grandson. We had to drive up to Hibbing to get him and that's about a four hour drive. We left around 12:30. we got back here around 10pm. We stopped in Milac Lakes to eat at the casino. Our grandson didnt want to come in because he's only 14 and there are signs every where saying no one under 18 allowed in the casino floor. We finally convinced him it was ok we were only going to go eat not play. Then a little girl who was about 10 came out so he figured it was ok to go in to eat. The buffet was pretty good. Our grandson was impressed by the lake. Milac is the biggest lake in MN. We finally got home and I crashed big time.

This morning I was doing good till I took a tumble across the kitchen floor. I hurt my legs pretty bad. My back is also not doing very good. sooo we will have to see how badly its going to be. right now my legs are getting stiff.

Friday, August 13, 2010



and many more!

Yep it may be friday the 13th but its also my baby (oops sorry sis I forgot)sister's birthday. so just like any other time I blog about it and I text her and this year I bragged about it on Facebook.

I was trying to remember a little anidote to tell you all about her when she was little to go along with this birthday wish but I really couldn't remember anything new (the mind is going I think).
So I just wanted to say Happy Birthday sis I love you and wish I was closer to spend time with you on your day, but your gonna have to just accept this blog and Facebook and the text as me being your pain in the butt sister letting everyone know it's your birthday.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mr Gab can drive you crazy if you let him.....

So Mr Gab has now been home about 3 weeks,with about 3 trucking jobs to talk about. 1 for the actual company that he left Holiday for.
So for the most part he's here at home on the internet while we still have it. He has checked out places to get help for my prescriptions, at home jobs and going back to school. If I thought our phone rang off the hook before I was sadly mistaken,now it rangs just about ever 5 secs.About the time the answering machine picks up and they either leave a message or not the next call comes through.
The only really good thing is all the work here on the house is now finally getting done. The new doors on each room looks great. He has helped me finish the dishes (i can load dishwasher but all pots and pans and anything else that cant go in dishwasher I gotta leave for someone else) He washed and dryed all the clothes and I put them all away(I cant find any of my t-shirts I wear cause I put them away)Some of the other things that Ive been waiting for Mr Gab to get around to are getting done. So yeah its good that he's not working but not so good for paying the bills getting my pills or even buying food. We are talking about food stamps something we've only had to do one other time since we've been married. Mr Gab has applied for unemployment again something we've only had to do at least twice before. Mr Gab has called my lawyer to find out whats happening with my lawsuit for the lady who ran the red light 2 years ago. He said he would check into some stuff and call back ....ummmmm that was also 3 weeks ago. I also have talked it over with Mr Gab and pretty much decieded some how we've gotta get a lawyer to fight for my disability for SSI. And in the middle of all of this we are still waiting to see what will happen with my dad's estate. UGH!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

So much has been going on

That I really dont know where to start. So lets just start at what I last remember.
About 3 weeks ago, hubby decieded he was going to change jobs. So he went to Walbon's to see if they had any work. They said yes, this was their busiest season. And they were so short on drivers. So he had drug test done again he didnt need a physical because it was just a year ago that he had one done and that was still good. So Mr Gab. put in his two week notice at Holiday and got ready to drive. His last day aat Holiday was a morning shift 6:30am to 2:30pm. So he wouldnt be tired the next day for his new driving job. We were sitting down to dinner when phone rang. It was Walbon's and the job that was set up for the next day had been canceled and they didnt have any thing else for him. so here he sits day after day searching for another trucking job. We did have a friend who owns his own firm call him to take a weekend job for him so he could have a weekend off. Mr Gab took the job. Thing is with him not working I have no insurance for my meds. AND OMG ARE THEY EXPENSIVE. So I pray every day for him to find something.

Then in the mix......My cousin whom I haven't been getting along with her daughter who was 25 and just had a baby and just got married, got sick. She went into the hospital complaining about a headache. So they gave her meds for migraine, but they were talking about doing a spinal tap. But she started to feel better after they gave her the meds so they sent her home thinking she had a migraine.(our family suffers from migraines) Next day she went back in sicker yet. they were going to fly her to another hospital for better care but she was too sick for the flight.
Then the worse possible thing happened she died. 25 years old. BRAND NEW BABY BRAND NEW HUBBY. and she was gone. They did the autopsy and found she did have spinal meningitis. OMG! SERIOUS?
I didnt go to the funeral even though I ask my cousin if she would be upset if I was there. I was so tired from staying up the night before caring for the grandkids. I fell asleep and missed it.
So all in all it has been busy here. I come and read blogs I sometimes leave a message and some times either laugh or cry to myself. The simplest things, be them funny or not I end up crying. Life just doesn't seem fair.

And once again we are facing loosing this house. They did the remodifcation only to keep the amount of the loan at 1,400.00. which is what we told them to begin with he couldnt afford. So because they didnt drop the amount we are again today 4 months behind. They promised all good things lower amount lower intrest and they didnt follow through. it all stayed the same. what kind of help was that? oh yes they were gonna save our house for us, yep they were. righttttttt! So in the middle of all this jumble we are trying to find money to move back to South Dakota. The reason we will go back there is when we bought that house in 1999 we used all of Mr Gab's 401k money to pay for that house out right. We were keeping this house and renting it so that we could have extra money. After all this is the 1st house we bought when we were first married. So we figured we would live in South Dakota and rent out this house and yeah all would be good.
But you know what happened right? no ok let me tell you. We moved out there because I've always loved South Dakota my dad grew up there and we have a family farm. Dad left me part of the farm so I wanted to be out there. But that house was in no shape to live in so we bought a house in town. We thought we would get a house in town live there in the winters and in the summer we would live in our trailer. it worked out fine. Then in 2004 dad had a heart attack and I came back here to care for him. I moved in with dad in Feb. In may on mother's day I gotta call from the police here in Bloomington telling me to bring a camera. My renters wrecked this house. it was a mess. no doors some of the windows were broken and couldnt close. Oooooohhhh it was awful. When dad and I had a falling out about why I was there careing for him we moved back down here to this house and been here ever since. We have since been slowly fixing this house to try to sell this time then of course the housing market dropped. UGH when it rains it pours!
So there you go....all the stuff thats been going on since I posted my new hair doo.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


picture 2 after!
Picture 1 before

Its messy in pic 2 but you get the idea

Friday, June 04, 2010

hello its me

Well I'm back......sorta. My dad's death has hit me harder than I expected. I lost my mom back in 1996 and I didn't think I'd ever get over her death. Mom and I weren't real close per-say but I would call her several times a day just to talk to her. And when I was upset I would call her and talk until I calmed down and realised hey it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. For excample.......
I really really wanted a mercury Topaz. I don't really remember why I wanted that perticular car but I did. we finally found one we could afford and bought it. I drove that car like I was the queen and every one better move on out of my way. Then came the day about 3 months after we bought the car when I needed a new belt. Mr. Gab was grumbling on having to spend money on the car but got the belt. He had just installed it when he got called from his job and had to go to work in Wisconsin. He asked do you wanna go with? I'm like sure. So we left our kids at home ( they were teen agers) and took off for Wisconsin. Mr Gab has a lead foot, and drove quickly to the job. we got to his job and he went in to work and I sat in the car reading a book and enjoying just being there. I'm not sure how late it was when he finally came out but I was starving. Mr Gab Had said same thing when he got into the car. So he told me we would drive over to where he knew there was a Hardees. We got our food and got back on the road. Now because we were no longer in a hurry Mr Gab drove slower. We hadnt even unwrapped our food when outta the ditch came a deer. Mr Gab tried to miss it but couldnt. Now this deer hit hard and I do mean hard. I heard the glass break, but I didnt know which window broke. AND I dont know why but I had covered my head with my arms closed my eyes and kinda ducked down just as we hit. When our car came to a stop I slowly sat up and looked around. It was dark and no other cars seemed to be on the road. Then all of a sudden I remembered Mr Gab and asked if he was ok. He said yes, and asked if I was ok I said yes. I knew I was covered in glass so I reached up and touched the windsheild fully expecting it to be gone. It wasn't even cracked. Then I reached up to my side window and discovered that it was gone. Mr Gab went out to look for the deer but couldnt find it. We sat there for a bit and realised no one was coming by.( we didnt have a cell at that time) Mr Gab said there was a gas station up the road and he said if the car starts we will head there. It started. we slowly drove up the the shoulder of the road and made it to the top of the exit ramp before the car gave up the ghost. We managed to cost down into the parking lot. Then Mr Gab went in to call the police and also to ask the guy if there was someone who could tow us home. I went to the phone and called my mom. When she answered I burst into tears and was hysterical ,said we had hit a deer and my car the car I had wanted to damn badly was gone, totalled. The I babbled about the money we just wasted putting in the new belt and now we didnt even have a car. AND MY MOM SAID TO ME well at least your alive and so is MR Gab. Well, yes but I lost my car. I'm not sure how many times mom had to repeat that before I caught on. But I finally calmed down and figured out what she was saying. THEN CAME THE BIGGER SHOCK.......
when the police finally got there to take the report, he told us that looking at the car and damage that he figured that when we hit the deer the deer rotated some how and kicked out my window. The side mirror was on Mr Gab's side of the car on the floor and the way the front window was still there yet the front end was smashed, he said had I not ducked his hoof would have hit me in the temple and killed me. Talk about angels watching over me. He also told us it had to be really big to do the damage it had done. But when he went looking for the deer even way out into the field he couldnt find it. But see little tings like me loosing my car had me so upset but mom kept telling me but I was alive. Who cares about a car it can be replaced but I cant. It took me a bit but it finally sunk in.
Now that my dad has passed....I have realised I have no parents...... I am almost 56. Mr Gab is 59 1 year away from 60. And I dont know why but that bugs me alot.
I know one thing I think I didnt appreciate my parents when they were alive as I should have. And now its too late to tell them that.
Thing is.......just about every night since dad passes Ive had dreams about both of them and my uncle who is dad's brother and my favorite. This week I had two unbelieveable ones. On Monday night I went to bed covered in my blanket and quilt. I'm sleeping and all of a sudden I break out laughing uncontrollably.... I mean I just couldnt stop. When I finally got my breath back and calmed down I got so cold that I started to shake. Here I am totally wrapped and warm and now freezing. Then it happened a second time that night. Tuesday night I had a nightmare. I was trying to scream in my dream but couldnt seem to get the sound out. The more I tried the more nothing came out. Mr Gab woke me up and said I was crying in my sleep. I said no screaming. He said well go to sleep. But before I could fall asleep I got cold again.....freezing cold to the point I was shaking and shivering. Then it passed. When Mr Gab got home at 12 am on weds, I was still up I was too afraid to go to sleep.That night I pleaded with my mom and dad to let me alone that night I needed sleep. And I didnt have any dreams.....MY sister C did on the other hand. So I tried again on Thursday night and again I had a good night. I also told my mom and dad if they had something they wanted me to know to please just tell me and not scare me to death or laugh me to death.
We shall see how it goes tonight.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I borrowed this from VE although I made a few changes. To me this Black Ribbon means death. I have just suffered through my dad's passing. Only to learn that my big bro may be next. He is very sick.
So while I am still adjusting to my dad no longer being with us, Im preparing myself just in case.
It seems really strange that I now can no longer call either of my parents. But in exchange for picking up the phone dialing and talking to them I just open my mouth and talk, just praying they are listening to me.
We all have questions why of course. We all know he was old as he had just turned 91. But he was a tough old bird and never let anything get to him. This man is one who would eat garlic (the whole clove) and rub vicks on his head in hopes of regrowing his hair, and keeping busy even though it was getting harder to walk. He has a brother in South Dakota who is 101. I was positive that dad would live that long as well. He would never let this brother out do him in anything.
That is one reason its so hard to believe he gave up.
But I console myself knowing that he is finally with mom. And maybe just maybe he finally got to meet his dad who died when my dad was only a year old.
R.I.P. Dad
I love you and will miss you very much. I hope you and mom are now up there watching over the rest of us till we get there as well.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Sad Day

Last night every 2 hrs I was up giving my dad his meds. @ 9:30 am when Mr. Gab got home from a doctors appointment, I asked him to keep an eye on my dad so I could grab a nap. I had been asleep about 10 mins when Mr Gab woke me to tell me my dad had passed. So dear blogger friends I will not be posting for a few days.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

short but not necessarily sweet

First the good note: HAPPY EASTER

Now the not so good note:
This one is short its one I don't necessarily want to write either.
My dad is dying. Here in my home.
my dad is 91 so he has had a good long life.
yet I don't want him to go.
I love my dad despite all the things "bad" that hes done to me.
He has made me strong. He has made me a fighter. He has given me a soft heart. And he has in his own way given me love.
Dad showed me how to be a carpenter I can go out and hit the nail on the head and not my fingers although I have done that time to time
dad tried to show me how to work on cars so I could fix my own......I can change a tire, check the oil and add if needed but thats about it now since most cars now a days have computer chips in them.
Dad showed me what the value of old things could be if kept nice Dont throw nothing away.
Dad taught me to drive and eat a piece of fried chicken with out ending up in a ditch or hitting someone else. (i'll tell you that story later)
dad is dad! everyone has one somewhere. Either in their lives or not they do have a dad. And its a possiblity their dad has passed too.
In my head I know its time. But in heart I want my daddy to stay a while longer.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yesterday March 12th was my dad's 91st birthday. Mr Gab and I drove out to see him and was met there by my youngest sister and her oldest son. Dad slept almost the whole time we were there, but the nurse had told us he had both PT and OT just that morning.
Today March 13th Is our daughter's xx Birthday. Yeah Im being both nice and well ok lets get to the real point! Im not sure how old she is today. I think hummm I think 33 but wait let me check 2010 minus 1977 yes she is 33 today. Which means my oldest son is 35 till Oct and youngest son is 31 till Oct. This is the point when they are all odd numbers. Then in Oct 2 of them will be even and then next march they all 3 will be even till oct again! In a way thats how I keep them sorta

So Lets do this all up right

and many more!

and many more

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo to you both Love your daughter and your mom respectfully

Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscars the red carpet

I did not watch the Oscars. I wanted to but I let my son and grandson play the PS2 on my Tv.
So today they have the best and worst of dresses. Well I guess the first thing I must say is good thing Im not rating these dresses. Now don't get me wrong most of the dresses were FAB! But on the wrong people I think. For example Miley Cyrus. That dress is too grown up for her and too bland. A Little colour would have been better. Jennifer Lopez her dress was ok till you got to her hips. Now most woman want small butts but this dress made Jennifer look like she had a mile wide butt. (sorry Jennifer) Meryl Streep Had on a beautiful white dress that was great till you got to that dip in the front which looks like it belonged in back and on someone who had the chest to support it. Mo'Nique had a very beautiful dress on. And I believed it was a great choice for her. WTG Mo'Nique. But the dress that Gabourey Sidibe made her look like a Hugh plum. She should have worn black. Vera Farmiga had one of the most beautiful dresses but she seemed to be lacking color in her face (which is surprising to me since I use no make up but I think a little something would have make her look less like a ghost wearing a Fab dress.) Im afraid I would have given D's or F's on some of the dresses that got A's on. I guess Im not a very good judge.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Some days

There are some days I wonder how I function. I wasn't very good in school sorry to say I had a lot of F's. Although I did get some C's and D's. Now here's a surprise my senior year I had mainly A's. WTF!? Well ok the counselor told me if I didn't buckle down and get better grades I would not graduate. So ok I started to turn in my work instead of saying the dog ate it, or the wind was strong walking to school today and ripped it out of my hands and blew away I just couldn't catch it. But I had art that year. I can't draw worth crap!!! And then I had the most obnoxious teacher! Oh how I disliked him!!! so much so it was a true hatred. I could not stand the man. I would sit in class and take that F! I refused and I do mean refused to do any work! and guess what? I passed with an A! Now I'm sure your asking how can that be? Its true I passed with an A. How did I do it? lol its kinda funny in a way. We were doing silver. making jewelry. He said one day I wish we had some polished rocks That would make your jewelry look very nice instead of plain. And I raised my hand. He looked very surprised and said ok Gale what do you have to say? And I replied my dad polishes rocks. He looked totally amazed. And he asked would he sell us some? I said I could ask and let you know tomorrow. He agreed. I asked my dad my dad was more than willing to sell some to our class. I told our teacher and he made arrangements to go with me to my home and get some polished rocks. They ended up buying 2 coffee cans full(large cans). Now I never did do any of the assignments in art class but because I told them whItalicere to get polished rocks to improve the other kids jewelry I passed.
Now why is it important to tell you all this? Because I'm having trouble with my grandkids. They don't like school. And they have heard the story before about me and how badly I did and still graduated. But I tell them school today is much different than when I went and the world is in a whole different spot than when I went to school. you need to learn more do more and pay attention to what is going on. with to days every day changing faster and faster technology moving faster you need to learn everything you can in school to keep up.

Mr Gab thinks it was wrong that I told them how bad I was in school while they are still in grade school. He said I should have waited till they had graduated before telling them. I thought I was telling them be smarter than grandma was.
So we do a little fighting with the grandkids to get them to understand school is important.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

is it real or fake?

I was sitting in the doctors office this morning and this woman came in and sat next to me. First thing I noticed was her nails. I myself just got mine done. Yes I have fake nails. Because of everything going on here with my dad, kids and grandkids I was bitting them to the quick. So Mr. Gab surprised me the other day and told me there was this nail place down close to where he worked and said would you like to get your nails done? Silly question. My hands looks bad with my nails all chewed yet I just couldnt stop myself. But this lady had about 5 inch nails. She sat down and said ooooh I like that color what is it? I said moving to montana. I said I like yours. Now trust me I was wondering how the heck (insert h*l* there) she used her cell, which she was typing away on. Then she goes for reasons unknown to me my hair is dyed my real color is red(she was a blond) and my true eye color is brown( I looked but couldnt tell so she said they were blue now, the wonders of color contacts) as she got up to go in for her appointment she goes with a little sneaky smile and the breast are fake too!
Now mind you I would never tell a complete stranger all the info she shared with me. Another person fairly close to me said "Yeah and I bet she was born a man too"
I laughed and though yeah I bet! I was soon chatting with my nurse and she said she had seen me talking with Karen before her appointment. She assured me she was a woman and her problem was how not to share personal information. Again to much information I didnt ask for.
When my appointment was over I had to rush home grab my oldest grandson and take him to his Doctors appointment. As I was waiting with him, for some reason I started to look at others and wonder if anything about them was fake.
Me on the other hand Ive never colored my hair.....high-lighted it not colored and its a dark drab brown, my eyes are my eyes...... brown,my nails yes they are fake.....and my breast......are all mine!
I wondered most of today why woman and yes even some men do these things to them selfs? I also wondered why woman would lie about their age as someday the truth will come out. Me? Im too honest I tell every one my real age.
So what did I leave out? Nothing Im as real as you can get.......and on my next birthday I will be XX!

lol just kidding I will 56!

Sunday, February 14, 2010





Saturday, February 13, 2010


You probably know or maybe not, know that I am a big time cat lover. Ive had a cat in my life since I was 2. My first cat trusted me so much that I used to carry her by her neck. Now remember I was 2. But even after I was old enough to carry her the right way I often still carried her by her neck. When I was old enough to read BIG words I read all about cats. In our school library they had several books about cats. So after awhile most people asked me questions about their cats. Now I'm not claiming I'm an expert on cats but I come pretty damn close.

My girlfriend from way way back (3rd grade) called me the other day and started to talk to me about the new kitten she got. She was talking away and I had part of my ear there listening while I was trying to keep grandkids settled when all of a sudden I caught what she was saying.

"my kittens whiskers were so long that I took a pair of scissors and cut them all the way down to her nose."

"what" I screamed into the phone "are you kidding me? You never ever cut cats whiskers"

" why" she asked me
"Are you kidding me? Ok wait a second while I catch my breath. Ok now listen to me very carefully! You never cut their whiskers no matter how long they get. even if they stick out farther than the cats body!!"
" Their whiskers are how they tell how wide a spot is so they know wheather or not they will fit though that spot. So if their whiskers arent long enough they will think its ok to go through a spot and possibably get stuck. their whiskers are like a ruler"
"oh" she says "so if they are cut close to their noses they will get stuck?" she asked me.
"yes they could" I tell her rolling my eyes thinking didnt I just say that?!
"well what about the whiskers up above their eyes can you cut those?"
"no no no" I tell her "dont cut any of their whiskers"

Our conversation covered more stuff like triming nails what way would be best. What about cat nip do you give that to cats and how much in a day that kinda stuff.

So after all was said and done I guess you could say yes I am an expert on cats!

Friday, February 12, 2010

things move

So I'm sitting here after having the first injection in my back and feel pretty good. So what do I do? Over do it. I go and load the dishwasher and thought wow I haven't done the whole dishwasher in 5 yrs all at one time. Before shot I would load bowls on top go sit for 5-10 minutes. Come back load glasses, go sit. Do plates go sit do silverware go sit add anything else that would fit go sit. Now I could come add detergent, turn the dial and go sit. Now though I had to sit about half and hour. But usually I couldn't sit even that long I'd have to get up and walk a little like down to bathroom or my bedroom or just to other end of house. Then of course I had to sit again. This would go on all day some days I couldn't even get more than dishes done. Some days I would walk down the stairs to do laundry and wouldn't be able to pick my feet up for 2-3 days and shuffle around the house.
Then I washed rest of dishes by hand. I still was feeling good. Ok lets bend over and clean out cat litter. Yep still feel good lets scrub bathroom. And vacuum the living room and my bedroom and oh there is a little snow on sidewalk lets go shovel that.
I got one of those little shock electric thingys that I hook up in the spot that hurts. Hummmm how can I do my back and legs and arms all at same time with only 4 leads? I cant I need to put all 4 on my back. Then I was silly and wasn't watching the numbers while I was setting it and next thing I knew I had it up to 5.0 and OW that hurt worse than me over doing it.
Now I notice that one certain spot in my back hurts all the time. Its not a strong pain its mild but I do notice it.
I go next week Friday for another injection. You can be sure that I will not repeat what I did.
I will take it easy and slow.
My lawyer is still working on getting a settlement for me. But because of the newest problem he was waiting to see how these injections do.
So now its been 1 yrs 4 months since the accident. I so hope something works cause I don't wanna have to do these shots very often.
I also went to physical Therapy and they found something in my neck that isn't suppose to be there so when I go back in 2 weeks they probably will need to do an MRI on my neck. All I know is she found it brought in another doctor to confirm that it wasnt suppose to be there. and said can you feel that when I move it and does it hurt. To which said yes and not really. So I will let you know what they find in 2 weeks time

Sunday, February 07, 2010


If I had the money, the ways, and means of supporting this cause I would be in the #1 spot and screaming as loudly as possible. What is it you ask? Well its the word I hate the most.

In our St Paul Pioneer Press paper today was an article saying:


well its about damn time. Ive hated that word for many many years. I would not let my kids or grandkids use that word around me. That was one of the reasons my grandkids came up with re-re.
That word has been thrown at our family many many times, not just because of my middle sister but me as well and sometimes my youngest sister. (well if one is retarded you all must be)
And like I said I HATE THAT WORD! BIG TIME!!!!!!

the paper said it was about time to change......Yes it is should have been done many years ago. But I guess I gotta be happy that it is being done.

So a little back ground if you are a new reader or if you have forgotten.

I'm the oldest of dad's second marriage. I was 5 when my sister D was born. There were some little things to let us know right away she was "different". Then came the day mom and dad took her to the doctors because she choked every time she tried to drink her bottle and was loosing weight. After all was said and done they had an answer. My sister D was Mentally retarded and had Cerebrel Palsey. I watched my mom and dad crumble. Never in my whole entire 5 yrs had I ever witness my mom and dad in so much pain. From that min on my sister D's life became a whirl wind of treatments. Mom and dad had to turn her head for her to loosen her neck (she later had surgery to cut the cord in her neck) They had to take her legs and push them to make it like she was riding a bike. They had to bend her hands, back and forth to keep muscles loose. Her one eye lid was longer than it should be, she used her finger to open it up so she could see so they took her in and had part of it cut away. Now it doesn't close all the way like ours do but it opens all the way. She also had a hole in her heart which was called Rheumatic Fever. So she had to take meds for that. She still choked every time she ate so we kept a bucket by the table when we ate. My sister D was 4 when my sister C was born. Both came home from the hospital the same day. Mom was holding baby C when D came home mom showed her the baby and D hauled off and hit her. lol. She didn't mean to I know but it sure scared baby C. Then Mom said to me G you are gonna have to help me. I said Ok. She then handed me baby C and said your gonna have to take care of her for me. So at 9 years of age I became an instant mom. It wasn't too bad cause mom was there if I really needed her but I can only think of one time I had to ask for help. I had put in the first diaper pin and was attempting to put in pin 2 but she was crying so much and wiggling. SO mom came to check and found I had pinned the diaper to the baby's skin. Ooooh I cryed so much cause I didn't mean to hurt my baby sister. My mom tried to console me and to reassure me that it sometimes happens and she has done it too. But it took me almost 2 hours to really calm down.
I also made sure that I played with my sister D alot. She loves to play Catch with a beach ball. And she really enjoys playing with a deck of cards. She doesnt have a real game just one she made up. Only she knows the rules and only she knows how to play. But the two of us could still play cards together. I would aske her to find me a King and she would find it. Not always on the first time but after awhile she got good at finding the right card first time asked.
There were many times though that I no longer wanted to play with either one of them and thats why my dad really got down on me and yelled at least you have legs to walk , run and play your sister has to sit here and wait for someone to play with her.
talk about guilt trip.
Sister D had to wear leg braces. Full leg braces. And she needed a wheelchair to get around in.
I think she was almost 5 before she really learned to crawl. it wasnt like a babys crawl though cause when she would it was almost a leap when she was moving, arms first then legs she didnt move one leg then the other they both went at the same time. some times she looked so funny doing it and like I said it was more like a frog leap than a crawl.
She also took awhile to learn how to use a fork. But to this day she still uses her hands and fingers the most.
So now you know some of my sister D's life but most of all you now know WHAT I HATE THE MOST That word!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What the heck

Ok I'm am so pissed again! Why oh why are some family members such a pain in the azz? Do you know I have honestly put this family member totally out of my life and forgotten them and gone on with my life. ONLY TO HAVE IT THROWN AT ME BIG TIME!

You know I swear, they cant possibly have a life, cause they are too busy sticking their nose in mine. That's gotta mean my life must be interesting. And here I thought we were boring. Anyways the thing that gets me the most is that not only do they stick their noses into our lives but then go on to tell other family members that really don't have to know anything! AND of course they always make us out to be the bad people! Then I put into the mix my grandchildren who fight so much that it makes my blood pressure soar to the point I just wanna run away. Then throw in my youngest son who is fighting with his girlfriend and he complains to me that he ain't good enough. OMG!

Mr Gab is right......He asked me the other day why did we have kids? None can seem to do anything. I'm beginning to wonder my self why? Long time ago I could've whipped out an answer and been proud to say why. Now I sit here wondering so ok why again?
So with all that going on this family member has to step in and tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing. their life's are nothing close to mine and doesn't even compare. PLUS they never raised their own children theirs were put into foster homes. Maybe I should start telling her what they have done wrong and remind them of why their kids were taken away. SO when you come right down to it they have never raised a child. NEVER RAISED A CHILD.
its great to give advice when you your self have no clue cause you've never actually done it.
BUT and I do repeat BUT you do not repeat do not need to tell other family members your side of the "story" and make us look bad. don't and i repeat don't spread trash sh*t around that isn't true. you don't need to go to your mom or dad or our cousins or aunts and uncles or any body and tell them anything going on in my case you have forgotten IT'S MY FAMILY, MY BUSINESS. unlike some sh*t I could say about you and your family but I'm not that kind I dont stoop that low.

take your mom for example......all these years she has said I climbed out my bedroom window to meet a boy, and all these years I have said that wasn't me Ive never did that. but she has called me a lier (hummmm must run in your side of family)
You want the truth!!!!! Ask my sister C she admitted to me that it was her that climbed out the bedroom window (but not to meet a boy). So there stupid get your facts straight before you go around accusing someone!!!!!

and one more thing please tell me what gives you the rights to "KEEP MY PHOTOGRAPHS?" They are of me and my family you dont need them. Your not in them. These are Photos I'd like my grandkids to have. and dont send me F****king copies or put them on a disk GIVE ME THE ORIGINALS! THEY ARE MINE!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What in the world goes on when we sleep?

Attention bloggers : I have stopped lurking. I am not just reading your blogs, I have started to leave comments again. Did ya miss me? Its ok if ya havent!

I got up this morning and got the surprise of my life........................................... I had 50 or more grey hairs!!!!
Now mind you your probably saying so what. I've have a whole head of grey hairs and had for x amount of years.
But see that's the problem. Yesterday when I went to bed I only had about 5 to maybe 1o at the most. SO WT heck happened in the middle of the night? Do we have little elf's who come in and paint your hairs grey one at a time?
I have heard that stress makes you go grey quicker, well that old wife's tale is just that because if stress did it I would have been grey at age 28.
The funny thing is both my younger sisters are almost totally grey! When I seen them I said oh hell no go get your hair colored right now cause your not gonna look older than me. Especially since 1 is only 5 yrs younger than me and the other is 9 yrs younger. I for the most part enjoy being the oldest sister!(in this family as I do have both an older sister and brother).
Ok different subject.
Did I tell you we now have dad's dog? His name is Buddy and he is part collie part German size dog and don't bark, Seriously! In all the time dad has had him and now what little time Ive had him I havent heard him bark. Now dad says he has once but you know there are lots of dogs in dad's neighborhood it might have been another dog. (see weird cell phone photo at left)
Ok well I guess thats all for now. Have a good week.

OH YEAH GO VIKINGS! they play today I hope we win!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Only grandma will do

Last Sunday, actually early monday morning our daughter called telling me that "little man" was throwing up. He was crying so hard that he was choking and making him throw up even more. Our daughter was crying and making things a little worse. I told her take him to the doctors. But she was like he threw up in bed and all over the place and what if he throws up in the car? I'm like thats all part of being a mom. I also told her to get a bucket for him to throw up in. Mean while in the background I could hear him crying he wanted to go see grandma. I finally told her to get some extra clothes pjs and stuff and bring him over. So at 3:30 am our grandson came to see us. I picked him up and rocked him gently, he stopped crying and sat quietly with me. Grandpa talked to him and the held him over the garbage can when he threw up again. Soon we told grandpa to go to bed and we sat quietly for about 30 more mins. He soon told me he wanted to go to bed. SO we shut off the lights and walked down to the bedroom. He asked where I was gonna sleep and I said next to the wall. He said where do I sleep? I said in the middle as soon as I tell grandpa to move over. Soon we will all in bed sleeping. Somewhere around 9am daughter text me to ask if she should come get him. I text back and said we were all still sleeping. Half and hour later and little man was crying and wanted his mom. So I called her and told her. She finally got here and I said he was still throwing up and she better take him to urgent care. So she did and when she called me 2o mins later she said he had strep but because he was throwing up they were gonna give him a shot. Oh that didnt go over to well but hey it worked faster than the med would have if he took it then threw up again! She took him home. Then he came over on Tues like normal, telling me that he was feeling a little better. I said good. Then Weds they came over like normal and went home like normal. But at 8 pm Weds night daughter was calling he was crying again and she was afraid he was gonna throw up again. Again I could hear him telling his mom he wanted to go to grandmas. She told him it was too late it was 8:30 and grandma wasnt feeling well. OH MY GOSH he was crying so I finally said just bring him over. So she brought him over to spend the night again. He was more than happy to sleep over at grandma's again. BUT................grandma and grandpa are still so tired. That kid kicks alot. and of course grandpa was afraid he would roll on top of him. I was afraid the cats would sleep on his face so we didnt get a good nights sleep either night. One thing both grandpa and I agreed on is if he comes to spend the night again we best have a bed of all his own to sleep in.
On sat Jan 30th Little man will turn 3. Already he's telling me his birthday is next and he wants a blue monster truck that is remote control!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I tied but I cant do it

I have tried to get back here and update you all on my boring life, but it hasnt been easy. Yes Yes Im still playing on facebook alot, more than Mr Gab likes.....speaking of which he has his own page so he can play games lol so he really cant talk. Plus we both have accounts on which is where this game bussiness all started. Im about to give up Pogo, because after all I can play all kinds of games on FaceBook without paying. Although Mr Gab has been working so much in the last few weeks that we do have a little extra, so he doesnt mind paying for pogo as he likes it as much as I do maybe a little more. In fact he played mainly on Pogo till he found that game Bejeweled Blitz on FB. so he created his own page just so he could play at any time. He has set up another page with his name for one of our grandsons to play Farmtown and Yoville, but it had gottened hacked so he made his own page no one but him goes on it and we deleted the other one.
My dad has gone into the hospital and then moved into my sister C's house. He isnt doing all that well. They took him off the memory meds the ones that were to help him remember things longer, and already we see the difference. Even though we tell him who we are he doesnt know us. I have come up wiyh an idea about one thing, those with alzheimers talk alot of about their lives when they were younger. They dont know us because we werent there when they were younger. You can say dad but if they are back in their younger days they dont have kids.
They told us we needed clean up dad's house what a job that is.
My sister's husband has been doing most of the work as Mr Gab is working so much at his job he really doesnt have any days off.
Well guess thats all I have for an update.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year