Sunday, January 24, 2010

What in the world goes on when we sleep?

Attention bloggers : I have stopped lurking. I am not just reading your blogs, I have started to leave comments again. Did ya miss me? Its ok if ya havent!

I got up this morning and got the surprise of my life........................................... I had 50 or more grey hairs!!!!
Now mind you your probably saying so what. I've have a whole head of grey hairs and had for x amount of years.
But see that's the problem. Yesterday when I went to bed I only had about 5 to maybe 1o at the most. SO WT heck happened in the middle of the night? Do we have little elf's who come in and paint your hairs grey one at a time?
I have heard that stress makes you go grey quicker, well that old wife's tale is just that because if stress did it I would have been grey at age 28.
The funny thing is both my younger sisters are almost totally grey! When I seen them I said oh hell no go get your hair colored right now cause your not gonna look older than me. Especially since 1 is only 5 yrs younger than me and the other is 9 yrs younger. I for the most part enjoy being the oldest sister!(in this family as I do have both an older sister and brother).
Ok different subject.
Did I tell you we now have dad's dog? His name is Buddy and he is part collie part German size dog and don't bark, Seriously! In all the time dad has had him and now what little time Ive had him I havent heard him bark. Now dad says he has once but you know there are lots of dogs in dad's neighborhood it might have been another dog. (see weird cell phone photo at left)
Ok well I guess thats all for now. Have a good week.

OH YEAH GO VIKINGS! they play today I hope we win!

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