Monday, January 11, 2010

I tied but I cant do it

I have tried to get back here and update you all on my boring life, but it hasnt been easy. Yes Yes Im still playing on facebook alot, more than Mr Gab likes.....speaking of which he has his own page so he can play games lol so he really cant talk. Plus we both have accounts on which is where this game bussiness all started. Im about to give up Pogo, because after all I can play all kinds of games on FaceBook without paying. Although Mr Gab has been working so much in the last few weeks that we do have a little extra, so he doesnt mind paying for pogo as he likes it as much as I do maybe a little more. In fact he played mainly on Pogo till he found that game Bejeweled Blitz on FB. so he created his own page just so he could play at any time. He has set up another page with his name for one of our grandsons to play Farmtown and Yoville, but it had gottened hacked so he made his own page no one but him goes on it and we deleted the other one.
My dad has gone into the hospital and then moved into my sister C's house. He isnt doing all that well. They took him off the memory meds the ones that were to help him remember things longer, and already we see the difference. Even though we tell him who we are he doesnt know us. I have come up wiyh an idea about one thing, those with alzheimers talk alot of about their lives when they were younger. They dont know us because we werent there when they were younger. You can say dad but if they are back in their younger days they dont have kids.
They told us we needed clean up dad's house what a job that is.
My sister's husband has been doing most of the work as Mr Gab is working so much at his job he really doesnt have any days off.
Well guess thats all I have for an update.

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Walker said...

Alot of bloggers have been hooked on FB.
I have an account but it's not my thing.
Stopping by here to leave a little doesn't take much though you know :)