Saturday, January 23, 2010

Only grandma will do

Last Sunday, actually early monday morning our daughter called telling me that "little man" was throwing up. He was crying so hard that he was choking and making him throw up even more. Our daughter was crying and making things a little worse. I told her take him to the doctors. But she was like he threw up in bed and all over the place and what if he throws up in the car? I'm like thats all part of being a mom. I also told her to get a bucket for him to throw up in. Mean while in the background I could hear him crying he wanted to go see grandma. I finally told her to get some extra clothes pjs and stuff and bring him over. So at 3:30 am our grandson came to see us. I picked him up and rocked him gently, he stopped crying and sat quietly with me. Grandpa talked to him and the held him over the garbage can when he threw up again. Soon we told grandpa to go to bed and we sat quietly for about 30 more mins. He soon told me he wanted to go to bed. SO we shut off the lights and walked down to the bedroom. He asked where I was gonna sleep and I said next to the wall. He said where do I sleep? I said in the middle as soon as I tell grandpa to move over. Soon we will all in bed sleeping. Somewhere around 9am daughter text me to ask if she should come get him. I text back and said we were all still sleeping. Half and hour later and little man was crying and wanted his mom. So I called her and told her. She finally got here and I said he was still throwing up and she better take him to urgent care. So she did and when she called me 2o mins later she said he had strep but because he was throwing up they were gonna give him a shot. Oh that didnt go over to well but hey it worked faster than the med would have if he took it then threw up again! She took him home. Then he came over on Tues like normal, telling me that he was feeling a little better. I said good. Then Weds they came over like normal and went home like normal. But at 8 pm Weds night daughter was calling he was crying again and she was afraid he was gonna throw up again. Again I could hear him telling his mom he wanted to go to grandmas. She told him it was too late it was 8:30 and grandma wasnt feeling well. OH MY GOSH he was crying so I finally said just bring him over. So she brought him over to spend the night again. He was more than happy to sleep over at grandma's again. BUT................grandma and grandpa are still so tired. That kid kicks alot. and of course grandpa was afraid he would roll on top of him. I was afraid the cats would sleep on his face so we didnt get a good nights sleep either night. One thing both grandpa and I agreed on is if he comes to spend the night again we best have a bed of all his own to sleep in.
On sat Jan 30th Little man will turn 3. Already he's telling me his birthday is next and he wants a blue monster truck that is remote control!!!

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