Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Our grandson moved out earlier this year. Oh how I cried, and cried. You know this is the one we raised since he was a baby. He's 18 now and yes I know its time for him to be on his own. BUT he's not finished with school yet so I didn't want him to leave just yet. 
well, things were going along we were talking to him and every now and again we would have to either go get him and take him to work or pick him up from work and take him home. Now taking him to work wasnt so bad as that was usually early in the afternoon around 2pm. BUT going home at night was after 11pm and we were usually in bed by then.
One day he was visiting me and he goes he would like to come back home and Im like ok. and he was like but there will be a visitor. and Im like ok. and he said a dog. UT OH grandpa doesnt want any more animals! Period! So I said ok well your gonna have to talk to grandpa about that. Well we went to lunch and he went to the bathroom and I quickly call Mr Gab and I told him. and he hesitated. and I'm like but honey I want him home. We then hung up.
Grandson came out and he took my phone and he texted his grandpa and told him he wanted to come home but he had a dog that had to come too. Grandpa texted back and said "your welcome to come back at any time you want I love you and the dog can come too." and Grandson texted back "good to know Love you too" and with that grandson moved back home the very next day.
and with him he brought Bam Bam
A choc lab pit bull mix.
Bam thinks he is a lap dog. and Mr Gab is the lap he likes! Mr Gab is a softy for our grandson. and the dog. We don't like the fact he is a Pit Bull. but he seems to be a good dog....grandson rescued him from some abusive people so Bam is a little skittish and he gets a little over excited and pees but other wise he has moved in and joined the family with very little problems......well Ok Lucky and Waffles don't like him But what cats like dogs? Well they do after they get to know each other but so far they are still in the growling stage!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I have found the condo I want to buy in Florida. Now to get Mr Gab on board! Never mind that we will be leaving the grand kids I will get over it. Never mind I will be moving thousands of miles away from my family and friends There is face book and cell phones. I want warm weather and beaches I want this condo. 3 bedrooms 3 baths and all on a golf course. Ah hell that doesn't matter to me. I just like the 3 bd 3 bth part all for one low price of well wait there are 3 available 2 at $149,900 and 1 at $155,900. I don't know why the one is more than the other 2 when they are all in same building but I DON'T CARE I WANT ONE! And I better hurry cause they look like they are in a good spot! wonder if my realtor in SD has sold my farm yet?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I don't understand

I am just a little unhappy right now. and I guess pissed off. Mr Gab and I had gone out last year to buy a F150 pick-up truck and ended up with an F350 his dream truck. we paid it off this year so its all ours. Great I am happy. EXCEPT I'm still driving my Durango that is falling apart. I have to put in power steering fluid every day and oil ever week. The muffler is loud and we've already been pulled over for it. So today I started to look for a new car. I found something I like (well ok I seen something I might like because I've only seen it online) Its a 2006 Cadillac Escalade 4Dr AWD
and Right now its something I think I will like to drive. and it's cost is only $4,000. more that what we paid for Mr Gab's truck! But he's upset that I want that kinda car. He wants me to stick with something like another Dodge Durango. I like my Durango but good grief why can't I have something I want for a change? Last time I got the exact car I wanted it lasted 3 months because we hit a deer and totaled it. So yeah I want to get another what I want kinda car. Doesn't mean we are gonna hit another deer with it does it?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Not A lot yet at this end

That's new. Oh wait yes there is I got my hair cut today....AND the big news is ...............DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......................... THEY ARE MOVING OUT THE 28TH OF THIS MONTH! YAY!!! I can't wait to have my house back. (they being our oldest son his girlfriend and her two boys)
I've got  Tonya's two youngest boys over night tonight. She took a last minute job at Pizza Hut working till close. she thought that Shawn who usually comes to take the boys off my hands at a decent hour would be taking them but alas he worked tonight too. So grandma comes to the rescue again. I just had them this past weekend for the whole weekend too. Well Friday night and Saturday night then they went home about 11am on Sunday morning.
I wasn't suppose to even have them at all this past weekend But I opened my big mouth and started a fight with Jeremy's other grandma and the bitch that she is she then said fine you keep him then I never want him again! Well what the hell kind of grandma are you? So ok now I have Jeremy. Then around 4pm on Friday Tonya calls me and says Logan's dad is sick could I drop him off there? I'm like oh hell no Logan is staying with me. There is no reason to take Logan out to his dad's if his dad is sick!  So now I've both boys. REASON: It was Tonya's Birthday on Thursday and she went out to play bingo Friday night and then she "supposedly" went to work at PH Saturday and worked till 3 am Sunday morning so instead of getting boys so late she wanted to just leave them. so ok she did and I said now you owe me big time and I want a weekend off SOON! Yeah and here I am on a Tuesday babysitting again! and you know she is still dropping them off in the morning and I send them off to school and then they come here after school till she gets off work at 4:30pm. Monday through Friday and any day there is no school I have them ALL DAY LONG!
I am counting the days till June. April. maybe even May! I dont know which month it will be Mr Gab can't seem to make up his mind either but one of those months we are leaving.................and baby we aren't looking back

Friday, March 14, 2014


Hello....been awhile..........Well lets see I did all those tests the doctors wanted both the head doctor and the heart doctor. and all they could find wrong was in my left ear Ive got fluid in the middle ear. and they said yes that can make me fall down ...........A LOT! So told me to take Sudifed.

Now we are to this weekend. Yesterday was our daughter's birthday. She turned 37! she was pushing it by saying on facebook she was almost 40! HER OLDEST BROTHER WILL BE 40 THIS YEAR NOT HER! I said stop trying to push me into the grave!
And today and tomorrow I have her 2 youngest boys. Jeremy who is 11 and Logan who is 7. so far we have been doing computer stuff. Tomorrow I have outside stuff planned as well as possibly a movie! not sure what one yet but I will see whats out there in the morning.


On May 3rd we are heading home! yes HOME! To South Dakota. with no one but hubby and me. AND WHY IS IT A SECRET YOU ASK.
well remember last summer when hubby retired? and remember I announced it all over facebook and here? Yeah remember what happened next? We ended up with our granddaughter! Yeah so not telling anyone this time. Oh and dont worry about it being here. No one who is gonna wreak our trip will read this. they are on face book but NOT HERE! I'm safe! (I hope anyways)
and if things work out the way we hope we will also go home the first week of June and first week of July! Then we will decided from there what we will do. We have signed the papers for this house so hopefully we will save it. and if we do come June our daughter and her boys will move into this house and hubby and I will be on our way to well we arent sure yet.We keep fighting about this. To make a long story short even though I want to go to Florida where its warm I think we may end up staying here just buying a condo here (or one of those 55+ places and being next to our grand kids. They have been so much a part of our lives Im not sure we can leave them. But thats still up in the air. for now we are working on SD! and deciding what to do there!