Friday, March 14, 2014


Hello....been awhile..........Well lets see I did all those tests the doctors wanted both the head doctor and the heart doctor. and all they could find wrong was in my left ear Ive got fluid in the middle ear. and they said yes that can make me fall down ...........A LOT! So told me to take Sudifed.

Now we are to this weekend. Yesterday was our daughter's birthday. She turned 37! she was pushing it by saying on facebook she was almost 40! HER OLDEST BROTHER WILL BE 40 THIS YEAR NOT HER! I said stop trying to push me into the grave!
And today and tomorrow I have her 2 youngest boys. Jeremy who is 11 and Logan who is 7. so far we have been doing computer stuff. Tomorrow I have outside stuff planned as well as possibly a movie! not sure what one yet but I will see whats out there in the morning.


On May 3rd we are heading home! yes HOME! To South Dakota. with no one but hubby and me. AND WHY IS IT A SECRET YOU ASK.
well remember last summer when hubby retired? and remember I announced it all over facebook and here? Yeah remember what happened next? We ended up with our granddaughter! Yeah so not telling anyone this time. Oh and dont worry about it being here. No one who is gonna wreak our trip will read this. they are on face book but NOT HERE! I'm safe! (I hope anyways)
and if things work out the way we hope we will also go home the first week of June and first week of July! Then we will decided from there what we will do. We have signed the papers for this house so hopefully we will save it. and if we do come June our daughter and her boys will move into this house and hubby and I will be on our way to well we arent sure yet.We keep fighting about this. To make a long story short even though I want to go to Florida where its warm I think we may end up staying here just buying a condo here (or one of those 55+ places and being next to our grand kids. They have been so much a part of our lives Im not sure we can leave them. But thats still up in the air. for now we are working on SD! and deciding what to do there!

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