Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What the heck

Ok I'm am so pissed again! Why oh why are some family members such a pain in the azz? Do you know I have honestly put this family member totally out of my life and forgotten them and gone on with my life. ONLY TO HAVE IT THROWN AT ME BIG TIME!

You know I swear, they cant possibly have a life, cause they are too busy sticking their nose in mine. That's gotta mean my life must be interesting. And here I thought we were boring. Anyways the thing that gets me the most is that not only do they stick their noses into our lives but then go on to tell other family members that really don't have to know anything! AND of course they always make us out to be the bad people! Then I put into the mix my grandchildren who fight so much that it makes my blood pressure soar to the point I just wanna run away. Then throw in my youngest son who is fighting with his girlfriend and he complains to me that he ain't good enough. OMG!

Mr Gab is right......He asked me the other day why did we have kids? None can seem to do anything. I'm beginning to wonder my self why? Long time ago I could've whipped out an answer and been proud to say why. Now I sit here wondering so ok why again?
So with all that going on this family member has to step in and tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing. their life's are nothing close to mine and doesn't even compare. PLUS they never raised their own children theirs were put into foster homes. Maybe I should start telling her what they have done wrong and remind them of why their kids were taken away. SO when you come right down to it they have never raised a child. NEVER RAISED A CHILD.
its great to give advice when you your self have no clue cause you've never actually done it.
BUT and I do repeat BUT you do not repeat do not need to tell other family members your side of the "story" and make us look bad. don't and i repeat don't spread trash sh*t around that isn't true. you don't need to go to your mom or dad or our cousins or aunts and uncles or any body and tell them anything going on in my case you have forgotten IT'S MY FAMILY, MY BUSINESS. unlike some sh*t I could say about you and your family but I'm not that kind I dont stoop that low.

take your mom for example......all these years she has said I climbed out my bedroom window to meet a boy, and all these years I have said that wasn't me Ive never did that. but she has called me a lier (hummmm must run in your side of family)
You want the truth!!!!! Ask my sister C she admitted to me that it was her that climbed out the bedroom window (but not to meet a boy). So there stupid get your facts straight before you go around accusing someone!!!!!

and one more thing please tell me what gives you the rights to "KEEP MY PHOTOGRAPHS?" They are of me and my family you dont need them. Your not in them. These are Photos I'd like my grandkids to have. and dont send me F****king copies or put them on a disk GIVE ME THE ORIGINALS! THEY ARE MINE!!!!!!!


Walker said...

Boy, you must have went down a bra size after that little rant.
No one has the right to stick their nose in your business but they have no life and their is so miserable that they have to make your's the same.
Your son, slap him in the head and tell him to wake the fuck up and stop whining.
Why, i have asked myself that a lot recently but i wouldn't have it any other way.
The only comfort i get is that they are both now over 18 so I can beat the fuck out of them without being charged with child abuse.

VE said...

My family never gets together and there are very few of us left anyway. After reading this... I'm kind of glad...

Anonymous said...

To be sad about life is real.. please deal with the sadness I am sure your family cares about that..

very sad about your feelings.. hope they get better..