Saturday, February 13, 2010


You probably know or maybe not, know that I am a big time cat lover. Ive had a cat in my life since I was 2. My first cat trusted me so much that I used to carry her by her neck. Now remember I was 2. But even after I was old enough to carry her the right way I often still carried her by her neck. When I was old enough to read BIG words I read all about cats. In our school library they had several books about cats. So after awhile most people asked me questions about their cats. Now I'm not claiming I'm an expert on cats but I come pretty damn close.

My girlfriend from way way back (3rd grade) called me the other day and started to talk to me about the new kitten she got. She was talking away and I had part of my ear there listening while I was trying to keep grandkids settled when all of a sudden I caught what she was saying.

"my kittens whiskers were so long that I took a pair of scissors and cut them all the way down to her nose."

"what" I screamed into the phone "are you kidding me? You never ever cut cats whiskers"

" why" she asked me
"Are you kidding me? Ok wait a second while I catch my breath. Ok now listen to me very carefully! You never cut their whiskers no matter how long they get. even if they stick out farther than the cats body!!"
" Their whiskers are how they tell how wide a spot is so they know wheather or not they will fit though that spot. So if their whiskers arent long enough they will think its ok to go through a spot and possibably get stuck. their whiskers are like a ruler"
"oh" she says "so if they are cut close to their noses they will get stuck?" she asked me.
"yes they could" I tell her rolling my eyes thinking didnt I just say that?!
"well what about the whiskers up above their eyes can you cut those?"
"no no no" I tell her "dont cut any of their whiskers"

Our conversation covered more stuff like triming nails what way would be best. What about cat nip do you give that to cats and how much in a day that kinda stuff.

So after all was said and done I guess you could say yes I am an expert on cats!


GrumpyRN said...

I am not a cat person. I know that cats would like nothing better than to grab you by the throat, stop you breathing, slit open your belly and eat you while you are still alive and the only thing that stops them is that we are too big for them. But, even I know not to cut cats whiskers.

Walker said...

My kids cut Fricks whiskers off once and boy did they get it
I am a cat person to and carry Frick by the tail and he loves it
he keeps putting it in my hand to take him for a walk