Friday, February 12, 2010

things move

So I'm sitting here after having the first injection in my back and feel pretty good. So what do I do? Over do it. I go and load the dishwasher and thought wow I haven't done the whole dishwasher in 5 yrs all at one time. Before shot I would load bowls on top go sit for 5-10 minutes. Come back load glasses, go sit. Do plates go sit do silverware go sit add anything else that would fit go sit. Now I could come add detergent, turn the dial and go sit. Now though I had to sit about half and hour. But usually I couldn't sit even that long I'd have to get up and walk a little like down to bathroom or my bedroom or just to other end of house. Then of course I had to sit again. This would go on all day some days I couldn't even get more than dishes done. Some days I would walk down the stairs to do laundry and wouldn't be able to pick my feet up for 2-3 days and shuffle around the house.
Then I washed rest of dishes by hand. I still was feeling good. Ok lets bend over and clean out cat litter. Yep still feel good lets scrub bathroom. And vacuum the living room and my bedroom and oh there is a little snow on sidewalk lets go shovel that.
I got one of those little shock electric thingys that I hook up in the spot that hurts. Hummmm how can I do my back and legs and arms all at same time with only 4 leads? I cant I need to put all 4 on my back. Then I was silly and wasn't watching the numbers while I was setting it and next thing I knew I had it up to 5.0 and OW that hurt worse than me over doing it.
Now I notice that one certain spot in my back hurts all the time. Its not a strong pain its mild but I do notice it.
I go next week Friday for another injection. You can be sure that I will not repeat what I did.
I will take it easy and slow.
My lawyer is still working on getting a settlement for me. But because of the newest problem he was waiting to see how these injections do.
So now its been 1 yrs 4 months since the accident. I so hope something works cause I don't wanna have to do these shots very often.
I also went to physical Therapy and they found something in my neck that isn't suppose to be there so when I go back in 2 weeks they probably will need to do an MRI on my neck. All I know is she found it brought in another doctor to confirm that it wasnt suppose to be there. and said can you feel that when I move it and does it hurt. To which said yes and not really. So I will let you know what they find in 2 weeks time

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