Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscars the red carpet

I did not watch the Oscars. I wanted to but I let my son and grandson play the PS2 on my Tv.
So today they have the best and worst of dresses. Well I guess the first thing I must say is good thing Im not rating these dresses. Now don't get me wrong most of the dresses were FAB! But on the wrong people I think. For example Miley Cyrus. That dress is too grown up for her and too bland. A Little colour would have been better. Jennifer Lopez her dress was ok till you got to her hips. Now most woman want small butts but this dress made Jennifer look like she had a mile wide butt. (sorry Jennifer) Meryl Streep Had on a beautiful white dress that was great till you got to that dip in the front which looks like it belonged in back and on someone who had the chest to support it. Mo'Nique had a very beautiful dress on. And I believed it was a great choice for her. WTG Mo'Nique. But the dress that Gabourey Sidibe made her look like a Hugh plum. She should have worn black. Vera Farmiga had one of the most beautiful dresses but she seemed to be lacking color in her face (which is surprising to me since I use no make up but I think a little something would have make her look less like a ghost wearing a Fab dress.) Im afraid I would have given D's or F's on some of the dresses that got A's on. I guess Im not a very good judge.

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Walker said...

Yeah, some of the outfits they were at the oscars are interesting.
Most are promoting some designer's work.
I remember the credit card dress ten years ago.
I rate them according to how much cleavage and legs I get to see.
1 to 3 thumbs up depending on that LOL