Saturday, March 06, 2010

Some days

There are some days I wonder how I function. I wasn't very good in school sorry to say I had a lot of F's. Although I did get some C's and D's. Now here's a surprise my senior year I had mainly A's. WTF!? Well ok the counselor told me if I didn't buckle down and get better grades I would not graduate. So ok I started to turn in my work instead of saying the dog ate it, or the wind was strong walking to school today and ripped it out of my hands and blew away I just couldn't catch it. But I had art that year. I can't draw worth crap!!! And then I had the most obnoxious teacher! Oh how I disliked him!!! so much so it was a true hatred. I could not stand the man. I would sit in class and take that F! I refused and I do mean refused to do any work! and guess what? I passed with an A! Now I'm sure your asking how can that be? Its true I passed with an A. How did I do it? lol its kinda funny in a way. We were doing silver. making jewelry. He said one day I wish we had some polished rocks That would make your jewelry look very nice instead of plain. And I raised my hand. He looked very surprised and said ok Gale what do you have to say? And I replied my dad polishes rocks. He looked totally amazed. And he asked would he sell us some? I said I could ask and let you know tomorrow. He agreed. I asked my dad my dad was more than willing to sell some to our class. I told our teacher and he made arrangements to go with me to my home and get some polished rocks. They ended up buying 2 coffee cans full(large cans). Now I never did do any of the assignments in art class but because I told them whItalicere to get polished rocks to improve the other kids jewelry I passed.
Now why is it important to tell you all this? Because I'm having trouble with my grandkids. They don't like school. And they have heard the story before about me and how badly I did and still graduated. But I tell them school today is much different than when I went and the world is in a whole different spot than when I went to school. you need to learn more do more and pay attention to what is going on. with to days every day changing faster and faster technology moving faster you need to learn everything you can in school to keep up.

Mr Gab thinks it was wrong that I told them how bad I was in school while they are still in grade school. He said I should have waited till they had graduated before telling them. I thought I was telling them be smarter than grandma was.
So we do a little fighting with the grandkids to get them to understand school is important.

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