Tuesday, March 02, 2010

is it real or fake?

I was sitting in the doctors office this morning and this woman came in and sat next to me. First thing I noticed was her nails. I myself just got mine done. Yes I have fake nails. Because of everything going on here with my dad, kids and grandkids I was bitting them to the quick. So Mr. Gab surprised me the other day and told me there was this nail place down close to where he worked and said would you like to get your nails done? Silly question. My hands looks bad with my nails all chewed yet I just couldnt stop myself. But this lady had about 5 inch nails. She sat down and said ooooh I like that color what is it? I said moving to montana. I said I like yours. Now trust me I was wondering how the heck (insert h*l* there) she used her cell, which she was typing away on. Then she goes for reasons unknown to me my hair is dyed my real color is red(she was a blond) and my true eye color is brown( I looked but couldnt tell so she said they were blue now, the wonders of color contacts) as she got up to go in for her appointment she goes with a little sneaky smile and the breast are fake too!
Now mind you I would never tell a complete stranger all the info she shared with me. Another person fairly close to me said "Yeah and I bet she was born a man too"
I laughed and though yeah I bet! I was soon chatting with my nurse and she said she had seen me talking with Karen before her appointment. She assured me she was a woman and her problem was how not to share personal information. Again to much information I didnt ask for.
When my appointment was over I had to rush home grab my oldest grandson and take him to his Doctors appointment. As I was waiting with him, for some reason I started to look at others and wonder if anything about them was fake.
Me on the other hand Ive never colored my hair.....high-lighted it not colored and its a dark drab brown, my eyes are my eyes...... brown,my nails yes they are fake.....and my breast......are all mine!
I wondered most of today why woman and yes even some men do these things to them selfs? I also wondered why woman would lie about their age as someday the truth will come out. Me? Im too honest I tell every one my real age.
So what did I leave out? Nothing Im as real as you can get.......and on my next birthday I will be XX!

lol just kidding I will 56!

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Walker said...

Everything on me is real and falling apart LOL
My SIl has fake boobs and fake nail fake color fake......everything
Some people need to looking like the person they think they are