Thursday, August 19, 2010


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I had my favorite dream again last night. Oooooh and it was almost like it was happening. It starts out with this delivery truck pulling up to my house. A guy jumps out and comes to the house with a envelope. He tells me he has a package for a Gale......... and he needs my ID. So I get my drivers license and show it to him. He takes the little wand thingy and scans my license. Then he takes another do hickey thing out and says he needs my thumb print. So he takes my thumb print and runs it through a machine and a green light pops on and he says ok sign here and its yours. After all that I'm like WTH is in the package. I shut the door and go sit in my chair and start to open it. There I find this cashiers check for $10,000.00. I look at it again then start to scream "what are you kidding where did this come from" Of course the very first thing I do is pay off this house and then pay all and I do mean all of my bills off. Whew that's a relief. Then I split the rest up and either buy bonds or put it into CD's. Then I sit back and dream of what to do with some of the money. I do take some and build a house on my grandparents farm which my dad left to me. I think of buying a spot in Florida and buying a boat. A BIG BOAT cause I wanna sail around to every where I can. I buy some new clothes (after all most of the ones I own now are about 25 yrs old) But I just don't go crazy. I do let Mr Gab get a new truck after all he's been driving junkers for so many years now that he most definitely deserves a new vehicle. But the biggest item I buy is Motor home. Then I drive around the country to all blogger friends and have a party at each and every blogger friends house. It's such a great dream.

I started this Blog yesterday morning before we left to get our oldest grandson. We had to drive up to Hibbing to get him and that's about a four hour drive. We left around 12:30. we got back here around 10pm. We stopped in Milac Lakes to eat at the casino. Our grandson didnt want to come in because he's only 14 and there are signs every where saying no one under 18 allowed in the casino floor. We finally convinced him it was ok we were only going to go eat not play. Then a little girl who was about 10 came out so he figured it was ok to go in to eat. The buffet was pretty good. Our grandson was impressed by the lake. Milac is the biggest lake in MN. We finally got home and I crashed big time.

This morning I was doing good till I took a tumble across the kitchen floor. I hurt my legs pretty bad. My back is also not doing very good. sooo we will have to see how badly its going to be. right now my legs are getting stiff.

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Walker said...

Don't you wish that you coulkd grab hold of that money in the dream and it was in your hand when you wake up?