Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So remember on the 13th it was my sisters birthday? Well that sister's daughter has a birthday today sooo it true Gab fashion:


and many more! love aunt g!

wow it's funny because this neice is now 15! OMG 15. but ok thats whats not really the funny part. The funny part is my oldest grandson will also be 15 this year just in Nov.

So when my neice was born and then 3 months later my frist grandbaby was born whew I was busy. I was trying to spoil them both. i was trying to put myself into the poor house then I think. But see I couldnt not spoil M just because I had Tj now. I had spoiled M's brothers (rotten I think lol I got them lots of those gameboy games they wanted even when I just bought them one) So I had to also spoil her and now a grandson! now mind you I think the grandson got a little more than my neice did. BUT the thing that realllllllllllyyyyy puts both these kids on top of the world is they get to drive soon!
My neice has already taken driver's school. My grandson has driven my car (with me teaching him) . He will do the school this next year or maybe in next few months after school starts. I to a point am looking forwards to my grandson driving. OMG DID I REALLY SAY THAT? I can hear it now my kids are dropping their mouths and going "mother you've gotten soft in your old age."
See because when it was time for each of my kids to start thinking of driving I said OH HELL NO NOT TILL YOUR 21!!! now here my grandson is only goingto be 15 and Im already teaching him. One reason I am ok with is it is then I can send him to the store and I can sit home. Or he can drive me and I can sit back and relax! It's kinda funny I never thought in those terms with my own kids I was jumpy nervous and definitely not calm. But with my grandson it like whats the big deal? And as for my neice? As long as I cant see her driving Im ok. But should I see her I probably freak! I swear theres something wrong with me. LOL

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