Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mr Gab can drive you crazy if you let him.....

So Mr Gab has now been home about 3 weeks,with about 3 trucking jobs to talk about. 1 for the actual company that he left Holiday for.
So for the most part he's here at home on the internet while we still have it. He has checked out places to get help for my prescriptions, at home jobs and going back to school. If I thought our phone rang off the hook before I was sadly mistaken,now it rangs just about ever 5 secs.About the time the answering machine picks up and they either leave a message or not the next call comes through.
The only really good thing is all the work here on the house is now finally getting done. The new doors on each room looks great. He has helped me finish the dishes (i can load dishwasher but all pots and pans and anything else that cant go in dishwasher I gotta leave for someone else) He washed and dryed all the clothes and I put them all away(I cant find any of my t-shirts I wear cause I put them away)Some of the other things that Ive been waiting for Mr Gab to get around to are getting done. So yeah its good that he's not working but not so good for paying the bills getting my pills or even buying food. We are talking about food stamps something we've only had to do one other time since we've been married. Mr Gab has applied for unemployment again something we've only had to do at least twice before. Mr Gab has called my lawyer to find out whats happening with my lawsuit for the lady who ran the red light 2 years ago. He said he would check into some stuff and call back ....ummmmm that was also 3 weeks ago. I also have talked it over with Mr Gab and pretty much decieded some how we've gotta get a lawyer to fight for my disability for SSI. And in the middle of all of this we are still waiting to see what will happen with my dad's estate. UGH!


G-Man said...

Gabby Gale....
Lots going on here baby.
Good luck with all the legal stuff!
Thanks for stopping by...G

Cloudia said...

Hang in there and don't let it get you down....just takes time is all

with Aloha from Waikiki :)

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