Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wa- hoo and BOO HOO

Ok so tonight Weds night I decided I wanted outside. Mr Gab and I go out to eat some time but usually same places Apple Bees, Bakers Square. Once in awhile Red Lobster or Outback Steakhouse. But I wanted different. I wanted to try Ruby Tuesdays. Well we had two choices South Dale Mall or Mall Of America. MOA is closest.
So off we went. We parked to where we thought would be closet to about where restaurant was located. Got inside walked to information kiosk and looked and found we were no where near. So we took elevator up to next level and I took about 10 steps stopped and said lets go home I cant do this. So we went back down and started out. BUT there at the entrance door low and behold they had chairs to rent electric chairs (scooters) and wheelchairs! After hubby talked to the lady we decided wheelchair and we were off once again. Took elevator back up started to walk and then we stopped to check how much farther we needed to go. Well we figured around the corner but we took about 5 steps and hey we were there. So in we went. It took us a few minutes to go over the menu and figure out what each of us wanted and then we ordered. YUMMY. Not only am I glad we went out I'm glad I got to try a new restaurant. Plus we got to do some window shopping along the way. Mr. Gab and I also got time to talk. Now I have my own scooter I could have loaded it and took it But see we didn't know if we could get there by elevator. and one level parking. Couple weeks ago when we went to the movies there I had to go up steps even though I had my walker with the seat and Mr Gab ended up pushing me in that I had the worst weekend of pain ever! I didn't want to do that again. There are steps every where at the mall and yes they do have an elevator but it goes only to 3rd floor then you gotta walk to figure out where to go to next elevator to go up to 4th floor where theaters are I CANT WALK THAT MUCH! 50 feet and less people then I'm done for. Which is why when we got so far at the mall I was already hurting and couldn't do more and even going back down to leave and go home I was at the point of collapsing. So I do hurt some tonight because of walking more than I could handle But everything was worth it after getting the chair and relaxing with Mr Gab enjoying a new restaurant and just being out of the house. I want to try another date night Friday night maybe try a movie again. But we will have to wait and see after we pay bills LOL

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