Friday, October 25, 2013

Another try

So once again I tried to design or actually put designs on my nails and failed. SO with that in mind I took off all the last polish and redid them to all black with silver flecks.
this is the final results!
I call it Stary night.
Looks like stars every where in the black night sky. So even though its not quite Halloween themed it is pretty. And once again I was able to do it all myself.
Oh and I ended up filing all the longer ones down to shorter to match the ones that had broke.
I tell you something when one of your nails rip and you dont notice it and you go to bed and it catches on your blanket while you sleep and it rips when you turn over and tears clear down into your skin you will wake up very quickly and probably scream! (well I know I did (scream that is))
I'm still trying to do this all on my own. It's not as easy as I thought and I may end up going and getting some fake nails put on BUT only if I can do the polish when I want to because I change it often! I get bored with one color after oh about 2 to maybe 3 days! yeah I like to change! I dont buy a bunch of shoes In fact at last count I have a total of 4 pairs (not counting the 2 pairs of boots for winter) and I dont buy purses last count I have 4 purses as well. I dont buy make-up because I dont wear it. I dont go have my hair done nor do I color it. What I do do is buy nail polish! Im a polishaholic!

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