Monday, October 14, 2013

Secret part2

Hello my blogger friends I am back and NOW I CAN TELL YOU THE SECRET:

This summer (in June) Mr Gab retired. He and I both were looking forwards to doing lots of stuff. Well except things got changed when our granddaughter came to live with us. Then we applied for Medical Assistant plus Food stamps. And gee guess what we were turned down...Are ya kidding? We are making only 1,435.00 a month and the mortgage people were trying to collect 1,395.00 a month. SO not only can't we pay our house payment and are fighting with them to re modify the payments to something we can live with our house is in foreclosure.
So while we are struggling to pay bills and buy my medicine that I have to have, we are now raising our granddaughter. Make money stretch I tell ya.
Well we have been going on a few dates lately because I have been back sliding on not wanting to go out any where. But Mr Gab has been insisting that we need some time to our selfs and so lets have a date. While we were out on our date this Saturday Mr Gab's cell rang. It was his old boss from Holiday. He wasn't sure he wanted to answer it but he did after a bit and then he said "Well we got more to talk about tonight than just the usual kids, grand-kids, money problems etc etc" I said "oh yeah what" so he told me they want him to come back to work. I said NO! Then he said " it might possible be assistant manager and it would be 2nd shift and full time which means INSURANCE!" Oh why did he say that? He knows all the hassles we've had trying to get insurance including Obamacare which we were turned down for.
So all weekend we talked about it. and then said OK lets wait till Monday when he calls back and see what he offers.
Well he called today. And they did offer him Assistant Manager job at 12 an hr plus bonus's on the 2nd shift which is 3-11. and Mr Gab said


And So he goes back to work Oct.28th! and 90 days after that I will have insurance again and can go to the Doctor's again and the dentist again and yes Thank you God for this offer!

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