Thursday, October 17, 2013

Remember Rain rain go away?

Right about now Mr. Gab and 3 of our grandsons are in South Dakota. The trip out was a nightmare. Most of the roads were flooded and there were even several bridges washed away. So When they got closer to the farm they called and asked me to get them a hotel room I did. I didnt hear from them again last night after they checked in so I thought ok all is good. I didn't call right away this morning either because I knew they had lots of work to do and I just didnt want to bother them. Around noon I text one of our grandsons asked how it was going I got ok. So I said have grandpa call when he's not busy. Well he called about 2 hrs later. They had just gotten to the farm and turned on the furnace and it smelled dead mouse bad!
We talked a bit then he told me it has been raining all day. Most of the dirt roads were slippery and really bad. I said even with our big truck and he said yes. WOW THATS BAD! He said if it doesnt stop raining they will probably come home early. Another reason being the boys are fighting. He cant get much work done with  them fighting. But one of the first things that came to mind when he told me it was still raining out there and it wasnt here was rain rain go away come back another day. I know first hand how bad those roads are when there is too much rain. Let me give you an example.
When I was a kid, dad and I would go to SD most weekends in the summer. There was this one spot in the road that was like going down a roller coaster hugh ass drop, about half mile across at the bottom then you climb back up the other side. and the climb up was one that could make your car struggle and sound as if it would never make it. So one day here we come 75mph to the top of the hill only to find the bottom missing. water over the road. well dad decided to just go for it. We drove those Panhards back then those damn little cars could have floated away! anyways we made it. Well when we went to come back home that road was closed. Fast forwards several years. Mr Gab and I have been married at least 25 years and we've made the trip over there many times and this road has been flooded so many times that there is NO DROP at all its all most a straight across road now. they built it up that much. BUT guess what? IT STILL FLOODS! OMG. So you got 2 choices...try to go across it or back up and find a different road. Well, that can be a challenge to because if its a dirt road that one could be gone completely. and oh yes we have seen it......if fact one year it was gone and the people who lived up that road were using a row boat to get down to the tar road to get into town. Yes its that bad. SO yeah. RAIN GO AWAY! PLEASE! I just pray Mr Gab n boys will be ok till they start for home then I pray they will be ok on the drive home.

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