Tuesday, October 09, 2007


(up date if you check out "Robin's" blog (link in my sidebar)You will find a picture of me when I was little.) I WILL NOT TELL YOU MY AGE THERE!

So first I get a call from Dish Network telling me that we are behind on our bill. What? Wait I haven't even gotten a bill yet. We just had it installed a month ago.
So I call Mr Gab. He says we don't get a bill in the mail I signed up for paperless bills. Go look in my email. So I look.
I text him whats user name and password? He sends them back..... they don't work.
So I call. I wont go into details but after about 45 mins talking with the lady I hang up and call Mr Gab and tell him what we owe and how much we have to pay and say I'll do it a little later.
So I try later and the Internet page tells me there are technical problems try again later. So I wait and try later. I get same message. Ok they said I can pay from my TV just go to channel 100. So I try. It says I need a code. I try what I think Mr Gab might have used. Nope didn't work. I looked for a spot to set one up couldn't find any place. So I call. I'm put on hold. Over 50 mins later I finally get someone. I tell them my problems with signing in on line and what do I find out? She gave me the wrong Account number! DAMN!
So I finally tell the guy I will pay by phone with my credit/debit card. He then tells me there is a $5.00 charge to pay by phone. I say no no no the other lady told me there is no charge when using a credit card just when you pay by check. He says ok he will wave this fee.
When I'm done there I go back on line and sure enough now that I have the correct account number I get on.
Now this probably wouldn't have bothered me so much except they said there were two accounts for our name. It seems our oldest son is up to his old tricks again. He is using his dad's name and Social Security number and has been using them again. And running up bills all over heck. PLUS Oh and here's the kicker...............
We got our homestead check and they took part of the money for one of his bills! Now wait just one minute...go after him not us. So Mr Gab has to send in a whole bunch of stuff with the hopes they will return us the money.
And Still being sick and not being able to eat and all this other crap going on I'm madder than hell!


barman said...

Not nice but it sounds like oldest son needs to be turned in for identity theft. I wonder if it is possible to either get a new Social Security number or somehow flag the existing one so that a person needs to present ID or something to use it?

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

My, I was just going to stop by and say HI!! BUT you have had a really hard time, haven't you? It is just like trying to call your server company and getting help with it!! I have been on the phone for hours trying to get that done!! I know how frustrating it is!! Believe me. They do not make it easy it seems..Plus I am not a dummy and you aren't either!! Take care and I would have a big heart to heart with my son..QUICKLY!! Sandy

Lady Roxanne said...

I HATE bills.


bills should burn and rot in hell

Top cat said...

oh wow gab what a frustrating mess. Something legally needs to be done to protect you guys, you don't need this stress gab.
I know it sounds mean but maybe you should press charges against him.
Hey maybe you could get on Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown, they love these kind of cases plus I think you get some money for appearing.

Top cat said...

awwwww what a cute pic of little gabby.:)

SignGurl said...

Gab, that totally sucks! Is your son too old to spank? LMAO!

robinslife said...


I know what your family means to you, alot as it is the same for me. I would not feel sorry for son #1 anymore. I know it is not my place to say but when he takes out of his own parents pockets so many times with no consequences this is where we are at.

He does not need a spanking any longer, he really needs to get some help for his problems.. I love your son dearly and I think it is time to look into something like that.

Love you gab