Monday, November 12, 2007

He's back!!!!!

Well our oldest son came back yesterday. He said he had some thinking to do and when he thinks he needs to clean. So he attacked my kitchen. Boy does it look spotless now. lol
When he finished I asked if he wanted to tackle the bathroom and he said ummmm NO!
He is staying with us......on a couple of conditions.
1) he stays sober.
2) no drugs of any sort.
3) find a job
4) if he feels the need to clean go ahead! (no that's not a real condition.)

We at least know where he's at, and that he's getting food to eat and not dumpster diving!
(btw.. he actually was dumpster diving)

Weds was the first time Mr Gab said he was truly scared for our son. Both of us know we can't make him change he has to do that for himself, all we can do is tough love when need be and lots and lots of prayers.
He did use the computer today to look for a job, but with no licence it will be hard to find something.

So here we are now with 8 people in our house with 1 bathroom! good grief are we nuts?

My cousin Robin has invited me on a trip to visit family this coming January. She said no cost to me just ride along, but if I had some extra to help then ok.
I said it sounds like fun and I'd love to go but I have to see where I'm at with my health.
My next Doctor's appointment with the gastric specialist is Dec 6th. So I really can't plan that far ahead until I know what's what.

But believe me I'd like to take a vacation and go visit my family.
So there ya have it another crazy day in Gab's world. Have a good week


robinslife said...


Please do come, And i will leave the same message to you until Jan I when we go....Well I might have some sideline comments also.

But this is a great road trip and your aunt sharon is enjoying in the experience.. too good for all and nothing to miss out on.

love you gab..


G-Man said...

Your house is just like mine growing up, I was the oldest of 6 so we had 8 in a two bedroom one bath house...There was an awful lot of peein in the back yard!
I sure hope everything works out sweetie..xox

barman said...

I hope all goes well with your son. I know my friends oldest son was in all kinds of trouble. Kicked out of school, in trouble with the law, could not hold on to a job. You name it. Then something unexpected happened. He had a little daughter. Now he is not married but that changed everything. He stepped up and took charge of his daughter and his life. He is not away to college to make something of his life.

I sure hope some little spark happens in your sons life to cause a change to happen for the better for him.

Oh and tell you what. Hope about we send a port a potty up to place in the backyard. One bathroom and 8 people. I feel guilty having two bathrooms and one person.

Walker said...

That's great news about your son.
There comes a time when a person wants to change and it looks like he is on his way back.
Its all about small steps no leaps.
You can't make someone come out of the cold unless they want to come in to a warm home and you have one of the warmest I seen.

And as a bonus you get a clean kitchen