Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Short Note

Our oldest son showed up today and yikes he looks sickly.

here he is as you can see by the date July 4th. His face look nice and full and he looks like he's weighing in at a good 210lbs or more.
Here he is today with his daughter Kell. Look at his face, it looks gaunt. And if he weighs 100lbs right now hes lucky. He lifted his shirt to show me something and he was all skin and bones! Now Im worried. When he walked in the door I cried. Oh yeah I'm sentamental big time after all he's my oldest and we haven't seen him since the 4th. His birthday if you remember was Oct 16th. But he wasnt here. His brother whose birthday is also the 16th was and wanted to know where his brother was. We said we didnt know and we didnt even know how to get ahold of him.
We asked our oldest today where he's living and he said under a bridge. I said its too cold now you need to be in a shelter. He mumbled something. Oh great there goes that worring again. And you know what I know he's old enough to take care of himself and he makes his own choices good or bad and I can't do anything about it but god I still worry.


robinslife said...


Love ya, Hope you at least had a nice visit. Tell JJ I miss him and love him when you see him again. Hopefully sooner than later this time.



BTExpress said...

Oh man, I've heard similar stories about peoples children more times than I care to remember. Fortunitly, they almost always have a happy ending. All my best.

Walker said...

I have seen and know people like your son.
He is one desesion away from coming out of the cold and getting it together but he is the one that has to start the ball rolling.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I feel so bad for you!! I had a friend like this. He refused to come off of the streets!!
Hopefully you will allow yourself a nap now and then. It helps you know.


Anonymous said...

of course you worry, you're a good loving mom.
People make choices and until they want help there ain't a darn thing you can do but pray for them.