Friday, November 02, 2007


Good grief you should see all my pills and their names. Heck the names alone could kill ya lol.
For my High blood pressure and heart I take: Propranolol which is generic for Inderal, & Atacand.
For the fact that I have no woman parts I take Estridial which is hormone replacement.
For my arthritis I take 3 different pills, they are: Celebrex, Prednisone, and Hydroxychloroquine. (I'm being weened off the Prednisone because it's steroids and not used for long term. And because the Hydroxycloroquine takes up to 4 months to start working)
and last but not least I take Protonix. This is for my heartburn.
Think I have enough yet? I do. For the most part I take them all in the morning. I just take the second dose of Protonix at dinner(if I remember)AND the part that bothers me the most on this Hydroxycloroquine is that the doc said that if this works I will need to have my eyes checked yearly for glaucoma! WHAT?!? I mean come on why give someone something thats gonna cause them problems?

So I really hate taking meds. I think that's why I never did any of the other bad things in life most people have tried. Ok don't get your knickers in a rile. I don't ever and I do mean ever say anything to anyone who has done or still does that stuff. I'm just saying I was chicken. That and the fact that my father used to drill it into ours heads that if we ever did do that stuff we'd be in for it from him. And if you knew my dad you just didn't want to go there. Little as he may be he was kinda terrifying to us kids. We pretty much stayed on the straight and narrow just so we didn't have to deal with him. Now that's not to say we didn't do things cause we did but what we did was more along the lines of defying him in smaller things we knew we could talk ourselves out of.

Trust me my sister and I aren't perfect, but we did follow most of the rules that dad put before us. We bent or broke simple things like coming in late, or drinking(but at home). Our mom smoked but for some reason I didn't like being around her when she was smoking so I think that turned me off from smoking. Plus I'm allergic to it.
Dad drank sometimes Bock beer mainly and he lets us try that. When I was smaller like around 4(and younger) dad used to drink the hard stuff, but I think when my sister D was born with all her problems,dad stopped. So it wasn't in our house and we weren't tempted until we were in our late teens.
Most of our neighbors were afraid of my dad so they never let their kids play with me. I had to sneak off to play with them.
So we weren't influenced by them to try stuff.
There were a few parents who didn't care cause they had their own problems so I was aloud to play with their children.
But when you see a 5'3" man storming down to your house red in the face, screaming and swearing at you and threatening you, well you just kept your kids away from that crazy family.
Then of course when Sister D was born and had problems they were like ah yes we now know why they are nuts. And of course then came the well she(me) was born first so she must be retarded too. God how I hate that word!
And of course I became defensive. My dad has a temper and I just started acting like my dad. So when people stared at my sister D I would yell at them. Sometimes I'd get right in their faces and go off. I'm not proud of what I did but to me I was defending my sister D who couldn't defend herself.
So anyways, I'm off the main subject and now that I am I really forgot what I intended this post to be about. But as you can see my life as a child was chaotic as Im sure everyones has their problems as well. I don't think anyone has had a perfect childhood where life was happy and gay ha ha. oh wait thats taking me away to the funny farm. Which by the way they should have done to me years ago.
There coming to take me away ha ha hee hee to the funny farm where life is happy and gay ha ha ho ho hee hee.


robinslife said...

I read this posting to anty sharon and she says - Jones was crazy, he still does not let you in the house, unless Jack is with and how normal is that - she sends her love and respect to you for all you went through as a child.

With love and respect Anty Sharon and robin as she is the one that posted the message.



robinslife said...

Now my message-

Gab - I did not want to get anty sharon involved but I was so damn sad by your posting that.. I cried.. and called Anty Sharon..

Please look into your emails you will get an email address for her..

Love you dear respectfully always,


Little Wing said...

Gab, you have all of the female parts that you need, sweetie!
I can so relate to you becomming defensive!
Sometimes it helps to write about it, but I happen to think we are ALL mad as hatters, so that means no one should judge!!! Hugs!

barman said...

I take 4 meds now three in the morning and 1 at night (one I take morning and night that is why it does not add up). I hate it and if I was smart I would get myself of most of it.

As to the illegal stuff. I tried pot twice and neither time did it do much for me so no thank you. I had very little to drink before I turned 18 (the legal drinking age when I was a kid) and this is mostly all the trouble I got into. College I made up for it by drinking a bit more but only totally lost control of myself maybe three times. Times I am not proud of but I do not do that any more.

I understand defending fleash and blood especially someone that can not do it for themselves. Just because you do it does not always make you happy about what you did. I so hear what you are saying (I think)

Walker said...

I hate pills and I do my best not to take any meds at all and my doctor knows it as he knows i like smoking my herb on occation.

But if it ever came upo that I had no choice I would.

Some people are just plain stupid.
I grew up in a neighborhood full of immigrants and the tone of voice was alwaus, screaming