Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Help a friend please?

One of my high school girlfriends has written a book. She also has a web page that you can visit.

go to

If you have ever been abused by a family member or you know someone who has been then you might want to buy them her book. It is truthful (I know first hand) and its painful. It even may help you heal (or the one who you give it too)

She not only wrote this book but did the illustration of the cover. She is multi-talented.

So please take a look. Its on Amazon in book section. Search time for refelctions and healing.

You can also find it at Barns and Noble. Go check it out.


Walker said...

I will have a look at it.
Its good that she wrote the book.
Silence helps no one

sewa mobil said...

great post
thx 4 read it