Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ooooohhh I wish I knew what I was doing!

One day I can work the gadget thingy in the blog pages next day I cant get it to work for love nor money. (and no I didn't pay them)

I'm trying to add my eBay page to my side bar and I click on the link thingy to add it, it comes up but it doesn't take you right to my eBay page.

I added the Minnesota thing real easy I tryed to do same thing with my eBay page and Nada. Oh sure all the letters are there but you cant click on it and be taken right to my eBay page. What oh what am I doing wrong? Ooooh technology sucks. Well I guess I just don't have a clue it isn't technology. If any one out there who reads my page knows how to fix this so that when you click on the link you go right to my page please please please fix it for me!


G-Man said...

Someone more Low-Tech than moi?

VE said...

Don't know that I would be able to help either. If I were looking at it I could do it but to explain it over a comment...uggh.

Walker said...

Ah its probably something small.
I have had to adjust some of the HTML for some of the things the things i put up.
If you have a problem give me a buzz and don;t worry if it says I;m not online just IM me anyway