Sunday, June 21, 2009



This is a wish to all father's out there to have a very happy father's day. This of course must include the mother's who act as both mother and father. Whether they are single or their spouse is off fighting to protect our country. To the dad's who have passed if not for them we wouldn't be. To the uncle's who sometimes fill in as dad to their niece's and nephew's.
And a Big HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to Mr. Gab.

So far two of our three children have wished Mr Gab Happy father's day. I'm sure our oldest will call later today or maybe he will call tomorrow saying he forgot. But he usually does make the call. Our oldest grandson wished grandpa Happy father's day when he came home from working the double shift yesterday. He was only awake long enough to say Thank you. The other boys have a card for grandpa but they will probably have to wait till tomorrow to give it.
and now the great news.

This is great news because Oldest grandson hadn't seen his dad for 11 years then last Father's day he asked to go see him. They have been bonding for the last year.
Second oldest hadn't seen his dad at all since he was 6 months old. He finally met him this past April. They now get together every weekend. Third grandson hasn't seen his dad in about a year but he called his "other" grandma and said he wanted to see his dad. He came and got him. And little man's dad has been having some problems, so he had taken a break away from seeing him. But I told him the other dad he was asking for him so he said he would make arraignments to come see him today. They came and got him for a couple of hours today.
I thought this would be a good time to go to my dad's but I'm so tired that I will drive out tomorrow. Its the thought that counts!
Have a great day.


VE said...

Is it fathers day again? Oh wait, that was last weekend. It was a good one...thanks.

Walker said...

My kids made me works.
They said that's what it really means.
It's Father's day to work