Friday, June 12, 2009

Little man is soooooo CUTE!

Well yesterday was interesting,good, and bad! around 2:30 in the afternoon,I decided to go to this block sale that was going on. So because all the kids are now out of school, I have to take them all with. So I told them to get ready to go. Little man runs into our bedroom and tells grandpa to get up and get ready to go we going to garage sales. Grandpa says no I'm gonna stay home and sleep. Little man then closes the door to our bedroom and says I'm staying home with grandpa. He proceeded to open and close the door many times over each time shouting out the door to me that he was staying home with grandpa. Each time he did I said no your coming with me. Next thing I know Mr Gab is up and dressed. I said oh are you coming with? He laughs and says you think? Little man was very insistent that grandpa come with. SO we go to these garage sales and picked up a few small items for 5 and 10 cents. Then we get to this garage sale and they have a lot of knick knacks. Now mind you every garage sale we go to I tell the boys "DO NOT TOUCH" If you want anything you tell either me or grandpa and we will come look. So I'm standing at this table looking at some thing and all of a sudden I hear "CRASH" I look around and I say "Alright who broke it and what do I owe"? It was quiet for a moment and then Mr Gab goes I broke it. WHAT? YOUR KIDDING RIGHT? The people were very nice and said no you don't owe us anything. They had several items set on a two tiered cookie stand and Mr Gab hit the table and just like that they fell off. They were little china pieces almost like doll dishes but knick knacks. Well we ended up spending 5.75 there, Ok wait, I spent 5.75. One of my grandsons also spent about 6.00 of his own money there. I felt so bad I really wanted to pay for the stuff. And while we were there this lady's mom came outside to see how things were going and asked about how these things got broke. The lady told her mom "someone bumped" into the table. I said Yes I'm sorry my husband was the one who bumped into the table. I said I am willing to pay for everything. but her mom said no that's ok I shouldn't have put them up there. After that we came home. I took off my shoes and sat down........and OMG the pain. Just those 5 houses and I hurt so badly, I went to stand up to go to the bathroom and I couldn't walk. Oh no, I had to really go. After several starts I was finally off and well not running but sliding my feet to the bathroom. When I got back to the living room and my chair I sat back down and within a minute I knew I was sorry that I had gone garage sale- ing. While it was fun and I got a few cute things (grandkids actually spent their money and got more) I shouldn't have done it. I keep telling my doctor I have trouble walking and I need to be totally handicapped so I can get help with SSI disability and insurance so I can either get a power chair or scooter so I don't have to worry about walking. I could then go anywhere including sales and not worry. But alas she isn't cooperating. Maybe I should take her with me and then she could see what happens to me. lol.

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G-Man said...

Warn me when you come to Michigan Gale...OK?