Monday, June 01, 2009

surprise to my sister and brother in law

this is gabs sister c
and today is my brother in laws birthday.
i wanted to surprise them and do her blog so she can spend the day with mister gab.
so in gab fashion
happy birthday to you happy birthday to you
happy birthday mr gab
happy birthday to you
and many more
hope you have a great day
from all the larsons and mrs gab and your kids and grandkids

Thanks C!
Yes it's true it's Mr Gab's birthday today. He is 58 years old today. (shhhh I didn't tell you that)
I did have a blog for today but I'm gonna leave it for another day and just sit back and relax with Mr. Gab!)

1 comment:

Walker said...

I missed the big day dam,nit.
Ok, Happy Birthday and i think you should party today too :)