Wednesday, June 03, 2009

When I was a kid- farmer Jones

One thing I use to hate the most was people telling me to keep up with the Jones. The second thing I hated was being told I was one of the Jones boys. Ummmm look again.

I remember one time (not to sure about age probably around 9 or 10) I heard my mom complain to my dad about the potatoes having eyes already. Dad said cut them up and plant them.

Well, needless to say I did just that. I cut them up and planted them........But...its where I planted them that caused all the problems.

Yes, I was a regular farmer, I did just as my dad said. I cut them up and planted them to surprise my mom. You see my mom had enough on her plate to deal with, let alone planting the potatoes.
I know I was young because if I had been older I wouldn't have planted them where I did. lol

My poor mom carried the wash outside one day and started to yell. I came around the corner of the house and said "whats wrong?"
Mom asked what was planted under the clothes line? I said potatoes...... "surprise". Mom sighed then said that was a bad place to plant because how was she gonna hang up the clothes? I didn't have an answer. When dad came home and mom relayed to dad what I had done, he laughed and said we have a farmer on our hands. He told mom to deal with it. And later that fall we had lots of potatoes.
Now I guess you could say ok, so you were silly in where you planted the potatoes but you enjoyed the potatoes and everything right? Ok But it wasn't quite the way it ended. The very next year I forgot and planted under the clothes lines again. To say my mom was mad is putting it mildly.
She finally convinced my dad to find somewhere to plow the ground so that I could plant there instead of under the clothes lines. And he did........but your talking about me. Yes I did it a third time. even after dad had plowed a little area set away from clothes line just for me. Oh yes I used it.....for Tomatoes, Cucumbers, peas. I had no room for potatoes so under the clothes line they went. My dad just laughed, my mom on the other hand told me under no circumstances was I to ever plant there again NO MATTER WHAT! As it turned out dad had to plow a much bigger spot because the next year I added lettuce and carrots to the stuff I had the year before. And yes for the most part I did care for the garden.
But then dad bought 10 acres about 30 miles from the house. It had about 5 acres of plantable land but most of it was sand. I liked it to start with then I got to the point I didn't want to even go out there to help. My farmer instincts had faded away. Farmer Jones was no more.
When Mr Gab and I got married we had a small here, along with a Large flower garden. Unfortunally all of the flowers died except 1 rose bush that keeps hanging in no matter what. I have planted some other flowers but now with my back its really hard for me to care for a garden. I just learned that I should go for a container garden which is suppose to be easy to care for. I may check it out.

I want to thank my sister C for the surprise on Monday. I did get to spend some great time with Mr Gab for his birthday. Thanks Sis.


G-Man said...

So...You have a black thumb?
Or no sense of yard management?

Anonymous said...

your welcome i wanted u to be able to spend time with hubby but also to wish him happy birthday like you usually do as u say gab style.

gab said...

G-man Lol no sense of yard management! It's like my packing I end up with 10 bags Mr Gab repacks and we have 3 bags.

Walker said...

MY garden is in the house buty in your honor i put a plant next to the washing machine