Saturday, May 09, 2009

OMG The Pain of it all.

Well, for quite awhile I've been having several teeth bothering me. But Weds night it started to really get annoying. Thursday I had a meeting for my handicapped sister (her annual 6 months report) When I got up Thursday morning the first thing I noticed was that my mouth hurt so badly that I wasn't sure where or what tooth was hurting. So after taking my shower and getting ready to go I grabbed the number for the dentist office. I used my cell as I was running out the door. Now mind you just about everyone in our family has been to this dentist office but me. (we didn't like the last one so we just didn't return) Our daughter had gone there first from a recommendation of her girlfriend who also works with her. She had also taken 3 of the 4 boys there. Then Mr Gab needed to go so daughter said try this dentist. So I called and made an appointment for Mr Gab. Couple weeks ago youngest son text ed me complaining about his teeth hurting. He didn't have a dentist so I said use ours. He asked me to call. SO I did, I set him up for his appointment. So finally on Thursday it was my turn. I told them I was heading out right that minute for my meeting and I wasn't sure when Id be home so I wanted it for Monday. Well she asked me how bad was it? OMG ARE YOU KIDDING? You really have to understand me. I HATE DENTIST! And will do anything to avoid going. Even if it means my teeth not looking their whitest, or hurting so bad that I gotta go no matter what. I had a very bad experience when I was a teen. The dentist had two files on his counter and he "glanced" at one thinking that it was mine and pulled a tooth that didn't need to be pulled and he had not given me Novocaine, because that person didn't like Novocaine used. So right then I disliked dentist no matter how good they really were.
Anyways the last dentist I went to said that at least tooth was gonna need a root canal done, so I kinda knew that I would probably need it done sooner or later. As it turned out the dentist had an opening at 2:30 that afternoon so if I got back in time I was to come in. Well, I was back in plenty of time.
And yes I needed a root canal done. And did I have time to have it done? Well DUH! I HURT! So he set me up to do it right then and there. BUT and oh do I mean but he got started and first thing he said was WTH. I'm pretty sure he was thinking WTF but you know he was being polite. I sat there wondering what was wrong. He kept going and every now and again he would mumble something. Finally after awhile he said we were done with everything but the build up for the crown. While I was waiting he finally informed me that when he started the top of the gum was black and kinda hard to work on. But once he got by the black it opened up and went easier the rest of the way. He said the cause of the black must have been the last dentist I went to must have started a root canal but stopped for some reason. Then he also told me that I had infection deep in the bone. (DAMN NO WONDER IT HURT). I don't remember the last dentist starting a root canal but I know he opened that tooth and put in medication as it was infected.
As of today it still hurts as badly as it did before he started. But Mr Gab told me it would be Monday before I didn't hurt. I am taking the pain pills and the antibiotics and once in awhile a tear or two rolls down my cheeks but other wise I'm hanging in.

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Walker said...

I hate dentists, sadists, same thing.
I can sympathis with you.
I had my mouth stck open once because by some miracle I grew 8 wisdom teeth.
It didn't make me any smarter but it did mean they had to pul eight damn teeth out instead of four.